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SBI Credit Card Cash Withdrawal - Money On Call


Need cash! Be it for Holiday, Education, marriage etc. Fulfill your need with 'Encash - Money on call' on your SBI Card


- Pre-approved

- No documentation

- No post-dated cheques

- Cheque delivery within 3 working days (for Metro locations) and 5 working days (for all other locations)

- Flexible repayment option of 12, 24 & 36 months


- Low rate of interest.

- Cheque / draft in your name.

- Encash amount provided over & above the credit limit or within the existing credit limit.

 How to Book Encash

- Call 39020202 or 18601801290 (if calling from BSNL/ MTNL lines)

- SMS Encash to 56767

- To check eligibility of this credit card feature & book Encash online click here

 Fees & Charges:

- A Flat interest rate per annum as communicated in the credit card offer is applicable.

- A one-time processing fee will be charged at the rate of 2% subject to a minimum of Rs.499 & maximum of Rs.3000.

- In case you wish to foreclose your Encash Plan, a 3% foreclosure fee will be levied on the outstanding principal amount

First Time User 

  1. Click here to Register for SBI Card Website.
  2. Enter your SBI Card details 
  3. Your One Time Password will be sent to you instantly on your registered e mail id and Mobile number
  4. Log in with your card no and One Time Password. 
  5. Create your user id and change default password.
  6. Click on book Encash on the left hand menu navigation
  7. Fill in the Encash details and submit. 

Existing user 

  1. Log On to SBI Card Online with your User Id and Password on the homepage.
  2. Click on book Encash in the left hand menu navigation.
  3. Fill in the Encash details and submit.


Click here  to be redirected to the homepage

1. This Encash Offer ("Offer") is made  by SBI Cards & Payment Services Pvt. Ltd ("SBICPSL") to certain SBI Credit Card holders ("Cardholders"). The intended recipients shall receive the Offer through appropriate medium as chosen by SBICPSL. By availing this Offer and benefits accruing thereto, the Cardholder explicitly agrees to be bound by all the terms and conditions herein. 

2. This Offer carries a reducing rate of interest, and such reducing rate of interest shall be communicated to the Cardholder vide an amortization schedule duly recorded in the Encash sanction letter issued by SBICPSL to the Cardholder. This Reducing rate of interest shall be charged to the Cardholder on the offered principal amount and for calculating all his financial obligations under this Offer and the same shall be the basis of drawing the appropriate amortization Schedule enumerated under Clause 25 herein below. In addition, the Cardholder shall also be charged a Processing fee at the rate of 2% of the principal amount advanced but subject to a minimum amount of Rs.499  (Four Hundred and Ninety Nine only)  and a maximum of Rs. 3000 (Three Thousand Only).

3. The Rate of Interest applicable for Encash facility is cardmember specific as decided by SBI Cards at its sole discretion and intimated to the cardmember prior to availing the facility. The rate of interest offered to a customer is determined by factors such as, but not limited to:

• Past transaction / repayment behavior of the customer
• Credit risk profile

The cost of funds and other operational costs for the business also determine the rate of interest. Interest rate applicable on Encash facility ranges from 7% - 24.55%.

4. Changes in factors mentioned above may result in upward or downward revision of the interest applicable on the Encash facility from time to time / from offer to offer at the sole discretion of SBI Cards. All fees / charges applicable to the facility may or may not be dynamic and are subject to modifications based on SBI Cards periodic internal review. 

5. This Offer is also subject to a maximum limit on the amount  that may be availed by the Cardholder. The limit on the Offer can either be over and above the existing credit limit or from within the existing credit limit of SBI Card. In all events when an Encash is offered over and above the credit limit, the maximum limit shall be  contained and communicated by way of the proposed communication medium as made applicable by SBICPSL to the intended recipient. . In all events when an Encash is offered from the credit limit, the amount offered will be part of the existing credit limit and the credit limit shall be blocked upto Principal availed + Interest component. On payment of the monthly repayment amount, the Credit limit to the extent of monthly repayment amount will be credited back to the existing credit limit. It is clarified that the maximum amount offered will be subject to the available credit limit on the Card at the time of availing the Offer. This Offer (both in case of over the existing limit or within the existing limit) is subject to a minimum request for an amount of Rs. 10,000 (Ten Thousand Only).

6. The  Cardholders are being offered the option of availing the benefits under this Offer by requesting for a Demand Draft or a Cheque. SBICPSL shall issue either of these two monetary instruments as per choice and request made by the Cardholder.

7. The monthly repayment amount is calculated as (Principal Amount + Interest charge) / Tenure in months.  The interest charged is the reducing rate of interest and accordingly at any given month the portion of the monthly repayment amount applied towards interest is determined by multiplying the reducing interest rate with the principal outstanding after the deduction of the previous month repayment amount. In other words, the reducing rate of interest is the rate which when charged brings the outstanding principal to zero at the end of the tenor, where the interest charged is calculated on a reducing principal balance.

8. The monthly repayment schedule will begin from the SBI Cardholder next billing statement and continue over the tenure period chosen for the Offer.

9. The Minimum Amount Due (MAD) will be 5% of the SBI Cardholders existing revolving balances (Retail/Cash/Balance Transfer) and the monthly repayment amount due under the Offer (or all monthly repayment amounts due in case of multiple Offers).

10. Non Payment of MAD will attract normal late payment fees and a maximum credit charge of 3.35%p.m. on the unpaid monthly repayment amounts.

11. Under Payment of MAD will attract normal late payment fees and a maximum credit charge of 3.35%p.m. on the unpaid monthly repayment amounts.

12. In the event of non-payment / short payment of the Minimum Amount Due for more than three successive months or 90 days whichever is earlier, the Encash facility shall be closed/withdrawn on 91st day and the principal outstanding along with the outstanding interest accrued till the date of such closure shall be debited to the Credit Card Account and appear in the subsequent monthly statement. SBI Card shall be entitled to demand immediate repayment of such consolidated outstanding amounts. As a part of the Credit Card Account, this balance will now attract all the charges including finance charges at the credit card rate of interest, over-limit charges in the event the Account balance post transfer of loan outstanding if any exceeds the existing Credit Card limit as mentioned in the cardholders MITC.

13. The SBI Cardholder is supposed to pay the MAD in full to avoid getting delinquent.

14. The SBI cardholder shall be levied a foreclosure fee amounting to 3% of the Principal amount outstanding in case of the Offer being voluntarily pre-closed by the customer prior to the maturity of the tenure period opted for. The principal outstanding is calculated basis reducing interest rate as shown in the amortisation scheduled sent along with Encash Cheque/ Draft. In the illustration mentioned in point 25 the “balance” column will be used to calculate the foreclosure amount for example if the cardholder forecloses in the 5th month the foreclosure amount will be calculated as Rs 12097.82*3% =Rs 362.93.
15. In the event, a cardholder puts a cancellation request, within 45 days of Offer getting booked then all fees charged will be reversed. Notwithstanding above it is clarified that the applicable charges will not be reversed once a cheque or a draft issued to the cardholder has been cleared and resulted in a clear credit to the Cardholder account . Also in all cases of cancellations post 45 days, the fees charged will not be reversible and the same shall be charged to the cardholder.

16. No request for change in billing cycle will be entertained before all the repayment amounts have been cleared by the Cardholder.

17. Transfer from this Offer to any other offer will not be entertained. SBICPSL reserves its absolute right at any time to add, alter, modify or change or vary terms and conditions herein after giving due notice to the Cardholder.

18. Cardholders are not bound in any way to participate in this Offer. Any such participation is voluntary.

19. Government service tax shall be levied on all fees, interest charges etc. as applicable.

20. All and any disputes or differences arising from the Offer shall be subject to arbitration within the meaning of the Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. A sole arbitrator appointed by SBICPSL for this purpose shall carry out arbitration of all such disputes and/or differences. The award of the arbitrator shall be final and binding on the disputing parties. The place of arbitration shall be New Delhi and the language of arbitration shall be English.

21. By availing this Offer and by conducting a financial transaction (encashing the Encash Demand Draft / Cheque), and/or by booking the Offer on phone, the Cardholder provides consent and acceptance to all terms and conditions herein including for sharing of all personal, transactional and other related information for the purpose of this Offer.

22. No request from Add-on being additional SBI Cardholder other than primary Cardholder will be entertained for booking of Offer or availing benefits under this offer

23. SBICPSL may at its sole option and discretion withdraw this Offer anytime before the Encash Demand draft / cheque has been honoured/banked.

24. The cardholder would generally receive the cheque within 3 working days (for Metro locations) or 5 days (for all other locations) of the booking. This may, however, vary in case of unforeseen circumstances like bad weather conditions / flight delays / location or pin code being non-serviceable by the courier.  Delays in delivery of the cheque may also occur in the event of customer has not updated his current address in the records of SBI Card or in circumstances where the customer is not available at his current address. SBI Card would not be held liable in the event of non-delivery of the instrument within the specified timeline for the foregoing set of reasons.

25. Illustrative example of amortization schedule:

Sr. No.

MRA Billing Date* (Rs.) MRA$(Rs.) Interest(Rs.) Principal(Rs.) Balance(Rs.) GST#(Rs.)
1 5/25/2015 1,833.33 299.53 1,533.80 18,466.20 41.93
2 6/25/2015 1,833.33 276.56 1,556.77 16,909.43 38.72
3 7/25/2015 1,833.33 253.25 1,580.09 15,329.34 35.45
4 8/25/2015 1,833.33 229.58 1,603.75 13,725.59 32.14
5 9/25/2015 1,833.33 205.56 1,627.77 12,097.82 28.78
6 10/25/2015 1,833.33 181.19 1,652.15 10,445.67 25.37
7 11/25/2015 1,833.33 156.44 1,676.89 8,768.78 21.90
8 12/25/2015 1,833.33 131.33 1,702.01 7,066.77 18.39
9 1/25/2016 1,833.33 105.84 1,727.50 5,339.28 14.82
10 2/25/2016 1,833.33 79.96 1,753.37 3,585.91 11.20
11 3/25/2016 1,833.33 53.70 1,779.63 1,806.28 7.52
12 4/25/2016 1,833.33 27.05 1,806.28 0.00 3.79


Request Id  0000000          
Principal  Rs.20,000          
MRA  Rs. 1,833.33          
R.O.I **  10.00% p.a.          
Tenure  12 Months          

The above is an Illustrative example of amortization schedule and the actual amortization schedule will be part of the sanction letter issued to the Cardholder.
* MRA (Monthly Repayment Amount) Billing Date is the monthly statement date. For payment due date please refer your monthly statement
$ MRA Excluding Government Service Tax
# Government Service Tax calculated @ 14% of interest component.
** - This is the flat rate of interest and is used to calculate the monthly repayment amount. The above flat rate of interest translates into 17.97% p.a. reducing interest rate.


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