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  • Shared Credit limit with the Primary Card
  • Easy application process

  • Absolutely free of cost

  • Single consolidated statement for all credit cards
  • All communication for the Add-on SBI Credit cards will be sent to the primary card holder
  • The Add-on card can be used for International transactions, only if International Usage is enabled on the Primary Card
  • Fuel surcharge waiver limit will be shared with the Primary card
  • Single shared credit limit will be set against the Primary and Add-on cards
  • Primary Cardmember is liable for complete responsibility of the Add-on Card, including all transactions, usage and payments related to the Add-on Card
  • Mailing address of Add-on applicant will be the same as that of Primary Applicant’s mailing address
  • Add-on Card and any related communication will be sent on the registered Address, Email and Mobile Number of the Primary Cardholder
  • Add-on Cardholder will also be bound by the Terms & Conditions of the Cardmember Agreement earlier executed between me and SBICPL
  • Primary Cardholder will be liable for payment towards all the charges against issuance of the Add-on Card(s) issued on the Account
  • There is no issuance (joining / renewal) fee for the Add-on Card
  • Maximum of two Add-on Cards can be issued for every eligible Primary Card
  • Primary Cardholder will earn reward points on the Add-on Card spends. However, Add-on Cardholder will not any benefits/offers such as lounge, movie or any memberships which are part of the Primary Card’s value proposition
  • SBI Card reserves the right to change the features/benefits of the Add-on Card without any notice and without giving a reason whatsoever Customer’s account associated with the Primary Card should be in regular status for Add-on to be issued. Definition of Account’s status is defined as per SBI Card’s internal policies
  • SBI Card reserves the right to decline the application for Add-on Card without giving a reason whatsoever
  • SBI Card reserves the right to deactivate, block Add-on Card without any notice and without giving a reason whatsoever
  • Primary Cardholder will have to submit the following information and self-attested KYC documents for Add-on applicant:
    • Details of Add-on Applicant
      • Name of Add-on applicant
      • DOB of Add-on applicant
      • Gender of Add-on applicant
      • Relationship of Add-on applicant with Primary Cardholder
    • Valid Photo
    • Valid Photo ID Proof
    • Valid Address Proof (Required if Primary Cardholder declares that he/she does not stay with Add-on Card applicant)
  • To know more about SBI Add-on Card, please visit:
  • Currently Add-on applications are only accepted from following cities: Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai (Limited PIN Codes covered)
  • Cardholders can manage Add-on SBI Card transactions using the Manage Cards section in post-login section of the SBI Card Website and SBI Card Mobile App. By default, Primary Card usage settings will be set as same for Cardholder’s Add-on SBI Card(s). Cardholders can use Manage Cards section to manage Add-on Card transactions
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