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New currency for India

New currency for India Inc

A Card for Corporates who never stop exploring

A Card for corporates
who never stop exploring

Expense Management

The essential tool for next generation expense management

Cost Savings, Compliance, Spend Visibility

Cost savings, compliance, spend visibility

SBI Corporate Cards

Our cards are designed for business requirements; go for the ones best suited to your specific needs

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Maximize your card benefits

Achieve higher efficiencies

Achieve higher efficiencies

Experience the joy of simplified processes by cutting down on multiple payment procedures and cheques.

We have created customizable billing and payment options for you that fit in well with your business requirement. In the case of query or adaptability issues, we have a dedicated account management team to help you out with. We also help you reduce risk of fraud on your card in case of loss or theft with our limited loss card liability, which starts 48-hours prior to notification of card loss to seven days after it. The sum insured under this limited loss card liability is Rs. 3 lakhs.

Ensure control and compliance

Ensure control and compliance

Put limit on your cards’ expenses and analyse the trends of their usage to establish more efficient processes and practices.

You can regulate the usage of your corporate cards as per time periods and merchant categories. Also, get access to analysis reports to understand how and where your cards are used. You can review expenses to check policy breaches and ensure compliance. Our solutions provide seamless upload of daily transaction data with entity-specific setup. Our tools and solutions are fully compatible with all major global expense systems.

Achieve higher savings

Achieve higher savings

Save more with special offers, rewards and discounts that come with our Corporate Cards.

If you are a global traveler, you can save a lot with lucrative offers we bring to you on airlines and hotels. You get thorough analysis and insights of your expenditures, empowering to take more informed decisions and contest better negotiations with vendors. Also, you can reduce your Travel & Entertainment budgets with more streamlined Travel & Entertainment processes and supplier savings.

Convenience of use

Convenience of use

With us, you can check the billed and unbilled charges on your card, online. Also, you get online anytime e-servicing model on your card with a round-the-clock dedicated customer support. SBI Corporate Cards have high global acceptance, you can use them in millions of outlets across the globe.

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