Who we are - Career

Career with SBI Card

  Listen to your calling. Build excellence

Who we are - Career

Career with SBI Card

  Listen to your calling. Build excellence

Our Values and Beliefs

A culture of learning and development

Act with integrity

Act with integrity

We do what is right, not what is easiest. We are honest and ethical in all that we do, at all times and in every situation.

Earn Trust

Earn Trust

We honour our commitments. To customers, to employees, to partners and to society. We say what we mean and we mean what we say.

Respect for All

Respect for All

We treat others as we expect to be treated; with respect, dignity and honour. Especially when things go wrong.

Lead with Courage

Lead with Courage

We challenge convention and pursue our convictions. Irrespective of the outcome, we always own our decisions and choices.

Customer First

Customer First

Customers are at the heart of all our choices. We understand that we exist because of our customers and the privilege to serve them has to be earned every day.

Talent development

We hire high potential people and invest in their growth. SBI Card has a culture of continuous learning. Our training programs are thoughtfully designed to enable employees to enhance their skills and reach their full potential. We invest in employees’ education, and combine it with coaching and mentoring opportunities. Frequent leadership interactions further help to ensure well rounded professionals all around us.

Approach towards learning

Our approach to learning is guided by our commitment to enhance the leadership qualities in SBI Card employees. The learning processes also facilitate alignment to our core values. Our learning programs include world class leadership, functional and business specific trainings to our employees. Employees also get opportunities to develop new skills and deliver in competitive environment by working on various cross functional projects as well.

Career path

Developing and defining the career path for employees is deep rooted in the culture of SBI Card. We have well defined processes that can help employees proactively plan their career. Pathfinder, our career path guide, helps employees to find the right opportunities and create a personalized career plan. It provides guidance on various enablers that employees can leverage to realise their aspirations.

Fair employment practices

SBI Card strongly believes in fair employment practices. We are committed to prohibit all forms of discrimination against our employees and provide them with equal and fair treatment. We follow the detailed guidelines drafted as part of our fair employment practices  as the basis of our effort towards ensuring equal opportunities for all our employees.

Diversity focus

At SBI Card, we are committed to diversity and inclusion. We believe that diversity is a journey and we will continue to evolve and align practices to provide inclusive opportunities. Our diversity programs focus on gender diversity and creating opportunities for the differently abled.  It is our constant endeavor to foster greater levels of inclusion by extending the diversity programs to include a more diverse workforce.

Customers determine our success

  • We enable teams closest to the market to solve customer issues.
  • We develop empathy for our customers and advocate for customer outcomes.
  • We use the actions of the customer as the ultimate truth.

Stay lean to go fast

  • We favor small, focused teams.
  • We simplify in speed of service and teamwork
  • We are flexible and responsive to the market.

Empower and inspire each other

  • We believe the right team is exponentially better.
  • We trust and empower tomorrow’s leaders today. 
  • We will do the best work of our lives.

Deliver results in an uncertain world

  • We act with urgency and play to win.
  • We have the courage to make bets others won’t.
  • We use expertise and judgement to manage risk while always acting with integrity.

Learn and adapt to win

  • We are open to learning and relentless improvement.
  • We fail fast to learn and discover.
  • We are fearless in disrupting ourselves to remain competitive.
Tarun Sharma

Tarun Sharma, Senior Vice President, Co Brands

"Exhilarating journey so far: 15 years, 3 different functions, 11 different managers, North, East, West, South - all parts of the country, challenging and most fulfilling to say the least….and it keeps getting better !

The culture at SBI Cards is incredibly empowering with the core values that align with mine, it defined my career by satiating my need to grow, learn, be challenged and inspired. Great professionals ensured that I knew from the very first day where I fit in the organization and how I can contribute to success of the business, along the way put me in positions to maximize on my strengths, empowered me to make decisions without fear, respected me for my abilities and inspired me by demonstrating honesty, fairness & trust in their actions."

Anurag Singh

Anurag Singh, Deputy Vice President, Co Brands Partnership Cards

"The 8 year journey with SBI Card has been, thus far, a roller coaster ride with ups and even more ups; one that has been enriching through experimental learning. With a culture that encourages imagination and innovation at work, one doesn’t just create change but lives the change every day.

Having worked across geographical areas and cultures, the exclusivity to the organization is the leverage one gets to learn from mistakes & lead from the front. With a willingness to take risks and accept challenges, one is exposed to diverse culture. The organization’s mission is to nurture home grown talent; providing tools to ensure employees excel and reach higher levels of their potential, not just professionally but as individuals as well."

Rohit Suri

Rohit Suri, Vice President, Business Development & Product

"I joined SBI Card in 2006 as a Functional Trainee. My 8 year journey has exposed me to multiple roles and responsibilities panned across various business functions like Collections, Compliance, Business Development and Marketing. From individual contributor to team manager, from back end operations role to front end customer facing stints, complete the full business circle for me. The organisation has provided me with the much needed impetus to grow as a professional and imbibe critical skills that accelerate one towards excellence. ‎Our Values and Culture ensures great managerial and behavioural traits on display all around us. At SBI Card we make life simple not just for our customers but for employees too."

Nandini Malhotra

Nandini Malhotra, Senior Vice President, Risk Management

"6 years stint with SBI cards has been truly rewarding both from a professional and personal standpoint. The company has evolved in leaps and bounds ... from issuing 15-20K cards per month to ~70K cards per month. This dynamic and fast paced environment has challenged all of us to continuously adapt and respond to the times. We have fostered a culture of innovation and openness, which makes it a great place to learn and work. It reminds me of Robert Frost’s famous lines: “The woods are lovely, dark and deep but I have miles to go before I sleep"."

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