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Why SBI Card Pay is a Smart Choice for the Millennials?

June 01, 2022Clock image2 mins

Gone are the days when people had all the time in the world, in this millennial age, speed is what counts. From shopping to reading to entertainment, everything is superfast, all you need is a smartphone, and the world is your oyster. With cashless transactions the norm these days, you don't even need physical currency. The desire for instant gratification, which defines the way millennials live and work, has made online transactions the preferred choice of this generation.

The ease of digital payments has truly changed the way we travel, shop and entertain. Introducing SBI Card Pay, the smartest choice millennials can make when it comes to digital payment as you can make instant & secure payments with your smartphone. Simply, tap your Android phone on the merchant’s POS machine and get going. For transactions up to Rs 2,000, the payment is instant, without the requirement of even entering the credit card PIN! With this new way of making payment, you don’t have to carry your physical credit card with you anymore or fear misplacing it.

Why opt for SBI Card Pay?

Easy to use

In these unprecedented times, when the entire world economy has taken a hit, mobile payment solutions such as SBI Card Pay have emerged as a vital tool for day-to-day operations. Just tap your Android phone on the merchant Point of Sale (PoS machine) and your payment is done. This contactless payment mode is the need of the hour.


It is not only fast and safe (no physical contact involved), but also secure, as it encrypts the card information that is transmitted to the merchant’s PoS machine. Hence, the physical credit card information is never shared nor exposed at the merchant’s POS machine.

SBI Card Pay also authenticates the transaction by verifying your android smartphone screen lock, fingerprint or PIN.


This mobile payment solution enables a person to transact up to Rs. 10,000 in a day (max. capping of up to Rs. 2,000 per transaction, without PIN). No PIN is needed for transactions up to Rs 2,000.

How to make payments using SBI Card Pay?

Making payments with SBI Card Pay is completely hassle-free. To do so, one just needs to:

  • Register your SBI Credit Card for the SBI Card Pay feature on your SBI Card Mobile App
  • Unlock your Android phone
  • Tap your phone on the PoS machine & pay!

On successful payment, you will receive a payment confirmation SMS on your registered mobile number.

Intrigued? Check out this video about SBI Card Pay.

So, what are you waiting for? Start using SBI Card Pay today and watch a whole new world open-up for you!

In case you are interested to know more about the various other contactless payment offerings by SBI Card such as Scan & Pay, Contactless SBI Credit Card, click here.

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