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SBI Card- Khushiyon Ka Credit Card

June 01, 2022Clock image2 mins


The stature of women in Indian society has changed significantly in the last decade. Even though it still has room for improvement, it's safe to say that women are doing far better today than they did twenty years ago.
Interestingly, people are now learning to observe things from a woman's perspective. There is a boost in content production that solely focuses on women, their lives, challenges and stories. This parallel narrative was long overdue and has surfaced in recent years through books, social media, films, television and pop culture in general.
One such effort has been taken by SBI Card through #KhushiyonkaCreditCard campaign.

This ad film is a 15-second conversation between a mother and a daughter where the daughter who gets a job offer in New York, refuses to move. The reason being her mother's boutique in Nagpur which is a source of happiness for her mother.

Upon knowing the great opportunity that the daughter is giving up on, the mother advises the daughter to keep herself happy as she can't make others happy without being content herself. The mother hands out her daughter’s SBI Credit Card and asks her to book tickets, as she can set up her new boutique in New York as well.

Both the mother and the daughter are both capable of taking care of themselves; one being a business owner and the other getting a job offer in New York. They are both financially independent doing things on their terms. This is an ideal depiction and inspiration for today's society.

However, another level of thought is added when the mother convinces her daughter to put her happiness first. For generations, women have been prevented from prioritizing their happiness. As mothers or daughters, they were always expected to consider others' happiness before their own. The ad beautifully starts a dialogue on why it is important for one to be happy first before trying to make others happy. It is impossible to truly make someone else happy while being discontent within.

Catering to a wide age group of men and women, the ad film sheds some light on the act of self-sacrifice, which is an inevitable part of being a human, and offers a resolution to it. The mother-daughter duo becomes instrumental in setting the tone of the film and conveying the message appropriately.

Focusing on the essence of the ad - being happy is as important as making others happy.

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