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Step Out Bold and Stylish With 5 Essential Winter Wears

September 6, 2021Clock image2 mins

When the temperatures start to drop in Delhi, you will usually find me cocooned in multiple layers of blankets, sipping a cup of hot chocolate. In the past, I have had a tough time dealing with dry skin, hair care and correct layering during winters. So much so, all these years I have completely avoided winter-wonderland destinations, where the temperatures are in minus (although I loved seeing those gorgeous pictures of snowy towns and castles)

I knew I had to shed my discomfort about cold places and be well-equipped to survive my December trip to Kashmir and Manali. This time I got all my bookings – flight and hotel, done with my SBI Card PRIME . Meant to be your perfect companion, SBI Card PRIME comes with great benefits. Apart from making your travel journeys comfortable with complimentary Trident Privilege Red Tier & Club Vistara Silver membership, this SBI Credit Card even takes care of making your everyday spending rewarding too, by allowing you to earn 20 Reward Points per Rs.100 spent on Dining, Grocery, Departmental Stores & Movies spends.

So, as I was packing for my trip to Kashmir, I thought of putting together a list for essential winter wears that might come in handy when you plan yours.

1. Thermal Upper and Lower

Thermals cling to your body, so sometimes can be discomforting if you don’t choose the right material. Thermal should skim around your body and cling to your curves; but the seams shouldn’t cause abrasion/irritation to the skin. Having said -

  • Synthetic thermal wear includes a mix of spandex, polyester, nylon, and Lycra and ensures an accurate extent of moisture wicking as well as heat retention.
  • Merino wool offers protection in cold temperature.
  • Don’t go for cotton thermals as it tends to retain moisture and leads to wet, clammy and chilled feeling.

2. Down Jacket

Duck or goose down is the best insulator. Down can be expensive, but it is lightweight and also long-lasting. Invest in a good one if you are sure it won’t get wet.

How to find the right down jacket?

  • The "fill power" number on the label indicates how much down the make contains. Higher the number, the more down the garment contains and that much more insulation it provides.

3. Boots With Faux Fur/Fleece

Comfort wins hands down over style; especially if your feet are frozen and you can’t walk! Boots that come with faux fur or fleece provide the right warmth. Pick the ones which have chunky soles but soft insoles. Go for an ankle-height shaft if you are stepping in snow.   

P.S: Use your SBI Card PRIME to buy the winter wear essentials, as you can earn Rs. 7,000 e-Gift Voucher from Yatra/Pantaloons on crossing annual spends of Rs. 5 Lakhs

4. Gloves

Getting out in cold is easier when you don’t have to relegate your cold hands to the pockets of your jacket. Winter gloves free you from frozen fingers. Buy gloves wherein your fingers almost touch the tips of the glove and not suffocate. Longer cuffs means no exposed skin.

5. Thermal Socks

Warm socks are like a hot cup of coffee – instant comfort. Because you will be wearing them a little too long, opt for anti-microbial material that absorbs odour and helps regulate body temperature. Choose thinner woolen socks so that your feet can breathe.

So, the next time you are planning a trip to a winter land, don’t forget to pack the winter wear essentials and click some breath-taking pictures!

By Lifestyle Influencer, Anupriya Kapur


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