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Complimentary Club Vistara (CV) Membership

  • Q1. Who can apply for Club Vistara (CV) Membership?

  • Only Primary card holders of SBI Card ELITE and SBI Card PRIME are eligible for CV Membership.

  • Q2. Which CV Membership am I eligible for?

  • You are eligible for CV Silver Membership.

  • Q3. When can I apply? Can I apply for the Membership multiple times?

  • You can apply for CV membership within one year from the date of issuance of your SBI Card. You can avail the Membership only once through SBI Card

  • Q4. How can I enroll for CV Membership?

  • You can request for CV Membership by logging on to (click on ELITE / PRIME Privileges in the left hand navigation in the post login section) or Customer Helpline Numbers: 39020202 (Prefix Local STD code) or 1860 180 1290

  • Q5. After enrollment, when will I receive my CV Membership ID?

  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail from Vistara within 10 days from the date of request of Membership with your Membership ID.

  • Q6. What will happen to my existing membership if I am an existing CV Base Member?

  • You will be tagged as a SBI Cardholder and will be upgraded to the CV Silver with the same CV ID. CV Silver benefits will be as applicable.

  • Q7. What will happen to my existing membership if I am an existing CV Silver Member?

  • You will be tagged as a SBI Cardholder and your Silver Tier status will be extended for 1 upgrade cycle (12 months) from the date of request with the same CV ID. You will get another set of One Class Upgrade Voucher. Other CV Silver benefits will be as applicable.

  • Q8. What will happen to my existing membership if I am an existing CV Gold/Platinum Member?

  • No change will be made in your existing Membership Status with CV.

  • Q9. Is there an enrolment fee?

  • No, there is no enrolment fee.

  • Q10. What is the form of Membership?

  • It’s an E-Membership.

  • Q11. What is the duration of Silver Tier Status?

  • CV Silver is valid for one Upgrade Cycle (Upgrade cycle is the period from one day after the date on which a member has achieved an Elite Tier and continues for 12 months).

  • Q12. When do I receive my complimentary One Class Upgrade voucher?

  • The cardholder would receive the complimentary One Class Upgrade voucher within 15 working days of enrollment as CV Silver member.

  • Q13. What is the validity of CV Points?

  • CV Points have a validity period of 36 months (3 years) from the date of earning.

  • Q14. What are the criteria for retaining my CV Silver Membership?

  • The Cardholder has to accumulate 15000 qualifying tier points or undertake 20 flights to retain his/her CV Silver Membership by the end of Annual Cycle, otherwise, he/she will automatically revert to being a CV Base member. Cardholders shall continue to enjoy CV Base privileges for lifetime as CV Base membership does not have an expiry. In case the cardholder meets the criteria to retain the CV Silver Membership, Vistara would renew the CV Silver Membership for 1 year. A new set of One Class Upgrade voucher would be issued to the customer in this case.

  • Q15. What is the criteria to earn CV Points on Vistara flights?

  • Members earn CV Points on the Fare value of their Vistara ticket irrespective of the distance and class travelled and irrespective of the mode of booking. Members need to quote the CV membership number at the time of booking or at the Vistara check-in counter. Members will be awarded 9 points for very eligible INR 100 (one hundred only).

  • Q16. What is the procedure for CV Points to be credited to my account?

  • CV Points will be auto-credited to your account once the travel is completed if the CV ID is mentioned at the time of booking and check-in.

  • Q17. How do I redeem my CV Points?

  • CV Points can be redeemed online by logging into CV account or by contacting Clib Vistara Customer Care at 1860-108-9999 or +91 120 669 9901 in case of any concerns.

  • Q18. Whom do I contact for membership related queries?

  • You need to reach out to the Customer Relations at or Call at +91 928 922 8888 or +91 120 669 9901.