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4 Ways SBI Card PULSE Can Help Maintain Fitness While Traveling

September 01, 2022Clock image2 mins

Frequent traveling can disrupt your fitness routine. If this happens way too often, one may start slacking. Not only physical fitness, but the sleep schedule and diet may go for a toss too. Hence its ideal for travelers to make conscious efforts to stay fit when traveling. Therefore, we have prepared this guide detailing 4 ways SBI Card PULSE can come to your rescue. 

1. Exercise Routine

Gym-enthusiasts may find it difficult to keep up with fitness while traveling. More than expensive, its inconvenient to carry exercise equipment or find a running track. However, consistency is vital for fitness.

Some well-known gym chains can be found in major cities across the country. They allow members to avail facilities for workout sessions from locations other than their base location too. Additionally, many hotels are equipped with a gymnasium. One can also call local gyms and request required number of sessions.

A smarter solution is to avail FITPASS PRO membership complementary with SBI Card PULSE that provides you free access to a curated network of 4,000+ gyms, fitness centers; allowing up to 12 sessions per month across the country. 

2. Stick to Your Regular Diet

One of the best parts of traveling is the opportunity to explore food and to treat our taste buds. This makes things particularly tough for people who follow specific diets to stick to their plan. Finding suitable food substitutes can be a real challenge.

Most places will have specialty shops, large restaurants, and homestays to accommodate most dietary requirements. Another option is to rent a private apartment where you can prepare your meals as per your requirement.

The complimentary FITPASS PRO membership is also bundled with FITFEAST and FITCOACH Memberships offering you access to one of its kind AI-powered personalized smart diet plans, fitness coaching routines and more. 

3. Go on a hiking or trekking trip.

The ability to find new places is the thrilling part of traveling. Hiking or trekking not only keeps you active and energized, but also provides you with much-needed exercise. In case, hiking isn’t a feasibility; Pilates, calisthenics, and other no-equipment exercises can be practiced anywhere. All you need is a smartphone to attend or watch the exercise sessions and a smartwatch to monitor the workout. 

ColorFit PULSE Smartwatch from Noise worth Rs.4,999 is a smart option that offers all the required features to boost your fitness journey. Guess what, you can get this watch complimentary along with many other benefits with SBI Card PULSE

4. Always Carry Your Medication

Another thing to remember pack is all necessary medicines for the journey. You might not find the prescribed ones at your travel location. It is imperative for people suffering from diseases such as diabetes or any allergies to always carry adequate medications.

But if do end up requiring medical assistance, fret not, SBI Card PULSE has got you covered. Netmeds First subscription comes complementary allowing you unlimited online consultations with doctors. Not just that, but you also get an annual basic health check-up, an additional 5% off on pathology lab tests, and unlimited free and priority delivery. 

So go ahead and apply for this health & fitness focused SBI Card PULSE now!

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