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Add-on Card

  • Q1. Who can apply for an Add-on card?

  • All existing SBI Credit Cardholders can apply for Add-on card for their parents, spouse, sibling and children (above 18 years). To apply, visit SBI Card Mobile App or

  • Q2. How can I apply for an Add-on card?

  • Simply log in to SBI Card Mobile App or to apply for an Add-on card. It is an end-to-end digital process that requires no paperwork or visit from representatives.

  • Q3. What are the documents required to apply for an Add-on card?

  • You only need the Aadhaar number of the Add-on card applicant. Simply fill in the required details of the applicant online and carry out KYC verification through DigiLocker.

  • Q4. How many Add-on cards can I apply for?

  • Against every primary card, you can apply for up to 3 Add-on cards at no additional cost.

  • Q5. Is there any fees for Add-on card?

  • There is no additional fee for Add-on card.

  • Q6. Where will my Add-on card be delivered?

  • Add-on Card will be delivered at the registered address of the Primary cardholder.

  • Q7. How can I access the monthly statement of my Add-on card?

  • You get a consolidated statement for your primary and Add-on Card(s). Primary Cardholder will be liable for payment towards all the charges against issuance of the Add-on Card(s) issued on the Account.

  • Q8. I have applied for Add-on Card, what would be the credit limit?

  • The credit limit of your Primary Card is shared with your family members. You can set spend limits for Add-on Card(s).

  • Q9. What is the minimum age requirement for an Add-on Card applicant?

  • Add-on Card applicant should be 18 years or above.

  • Q10. My application got rejected with error “Invalid image”, what can I do?

  • Kindly retry to upload the image that is less than 5 MB in size. Ensure that there is a single face in the image covering 70% of the image and image should be clear and without mask or sunglasses.

  • Q11. My application got rejected with error “Name/ DOB mismatch” what can I do?

  • Kindly retry with the correct Name/ DOB of the Add-on applicant as mentioned in his/her Aadhaar

  • Q12. The Add-on applicant does not have an Aadhaar card, how can I apply for an Add-on card?

  • Aadhaar card is mandatory requirement to complete the KYC verification during application process. You cannot apply for an Add-on Card without Aadhaar card.