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Merchant e-mandate List
    • Regulatory Guideline on e-Mandate based recurring transactions

      Important Notice for processing of standing instructions (e-Mandate based recurring transactions) on your SBI Credit Card.

      To safeguard consumers, the regulator has put in place safety and security measures for processing of e-mandate on card for recurring transactions.

      In view of this, SBI Credit Card will NOT approve any standing instruction (e-Mandate based recurring transactions) given at merchant website / App or on SBI Credit Card, unless it is compliant with the above referred regulatory guidelines.

      The new conditions prescribed by the regulator require a joint effort by all stakeholders, including Card Issuers, Merchant Acquiring Banks, Payment Aggregators, Technology Service Providers, Card Networks and Merchants. All stakeholders must complete the development, integration, and deployment of a common platform fully compliant with the new guidelines.

      A common industry-wide platform has been developed, and SBI Credit Card has completed its internal development and integration.

      You can register e-Mandate based recurring transactions on Merchant Website / App with your SBI Credit Card (Mastercard & Visa only) and authenticate the same via OTP.

      List of merchants currently compliant with SBI Credit Card for above mentioned regulatory guidelines on merchant Standing Instructions (e-Mandate based recurring transactions) is as follows:

      Key Merchants enabled for SI on SBI Card

      To manage the e-Mandate(s), visit

      To access the step-by-step guide to manage your e-Mandates using SBI Card website/app, click here

      Note: In case the e-Mandates are set-up using Add-On SBI Credit Card, the cardholder can only manage them at Merchant's platforms.

      For Terms & Conditions, click here

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