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Rewards Information

  • Q1. Are there any charges associated with the reward point redemption process?

  • A rewards redemption fee of ₹99 plus applicable taxes is debited from your SBI Card account for redemption request processed in a batch. This amount is towards delivery and processing charges in case of physical product redemption and statement credit. Please note, the reward redemption fee + applicable taxes would be charged only once as per batch processed in a day irrespective of no. of items redeemed during this period. There are no other charges associated with reward redemption.

    SCENARIO - Batch change triggers at a particular time in the day (eg. 10 P.M. or 11 P.M.) and cardholder makes two redemption requests at this particular time, one is received just before while other after the batch has been processed, then redemption fee will be levied twice.

  • Q2. Can I add the reward points I have on multiple cards or transfer them from one card account to another?

  • No, you cannot add or transfer your Reward Points from one SBI Card to another. Reward points can be redeemed only on SBI Card on which they have been earned.

  • Q3. Do the Reward Points accrued on my card expire?

  • Yes, you can accumulate your points only for a period of 24 months from the date of the accrual under the Shop & Smile Rewards Program. Any points not redeemed by the end of the stipulated 24 months from the date of accrual will lapse.

    You can know the no. of Reward Points that are expiring in a particular month by logging on to or your mobile app. This information is also mentioned in your monthly statement.

  • Q4. Can I redeem my reward points once my SBI Card is closed?

  • Yes, In the event your SBI Card is voluntarily closed by you, the points accumulated on your SBI card account can be redeemed within 30 days of closure, otherwise these will automatically lapse. In the event of cancellation of your SBI Card account for any other reason, all the points accumulated will stand forfeited, but may be reinstated at the discretion of SBICPSL if the use of SBI Card is reinstated. Air India SBI Signature & Platinum Credit Card – Redemption of Reward Points against Air India Air Miles must be redeemed before voluntary closure of the Credit Card. Air Miles redemption can be fulfilled only on active Credit Cards.

  • Q5. Do I need to register again for availing the online reward redemption?

  • No, you do not have to register again. You can use your existing SBI Card Online Username and Password to login. Login now.

  • Q6. Can I have a separate username and password for using the online rewards redemption and for accessing credit card account?

  • No. For security reasons, you will be allowed to maintain only one username and password for accessing your SBI credit card online account as well as using the online reward redemption.

  • Q7. How can I view the status of my previous orders?

  • You can view the status of your requests for gift vouchers or merchandise via the Track your Request link under online reward redemption. Alternatively, you can write us at or call SBI Card helpline at 39 02 02 02 (please prefix the STD code of your city) for assistance.

  • Q8. Can I change the billing address displayed in my account?

  • You can change the registered address, on which your reward items are delivered, online through the ‘My profile’ link on your SBI Card Online accounts or by calling the SBI Card helpline. However, please note that all address change requests are subject to verification and your redeemed reward items will be delivered to you only after successful verification of the address.

  • Q9. How can I cancel the order I have placed?

  • Once you have made your redemption request, you can cancel the same only before 4.00 PM on the same day by calling SBI Card helpline.

  • Q10. Can I change the items I have selected if the Rewards Points being redeemed are the same?

  • Sorry, once the order has been placed, you cannot change the items you have opted for.

  • Q11. Can Reward Points be redeemed towards items to be delivered to others?

  • Items redeemed under the Reward Points scheme will be delivered only to the address of the primary owner of the Card, as mentioned in our records.

  • Q12. What happens if you are unable to deliver the item?

  • If we do not successfully deliver the physical product at the registered address despite repeated attempts, your Reward Points redemption request will be cancelled and the Reward Points will be credited back to your Credit Card. You will receive an SMS at your registered mobile number informing you of the return.

  • Q13. For how long is the physical product voucher valid?

  • The voucher will be valid for at least 3 months from the time it reaches you. The issue date, validity and expiry date will be printed on the voucher.

  • Q14. Where can I find the list of outlets where the voucher can be used?

  • The list of outlets where you can use a voucher is printed on the voucher itself.

  • Q15. What is points + pay option?

  • Points + Pay is an option that gives you the freedom to redeem your Reward Points partly through the usual redemption of Reward Points and partly through the balance on your Credit Card.

  • Q16. I had received damaged or wrong products, what do I do?

  • For all disputes related to rewards’ redemption such as receiving wrong or damaged physical products or vouchers, you need to contact us through email or call at SBI Card helpline at 39 02 02 02 (prefix the STD code of your city), within 3 working days of receiving your physical product or voucher.

    SBI Card will try to resolve these issues in the best way possible, however, SBI Card provides no warranty or makes no representation about the quality, delivery or otherwise of the goods and services offered by the merchants. Any dispute or claim regarding the goods and services must be resolved by you with the respective merchant directly, without any reference to SBI Card.

  • Q17. Can I pay my SBI Card outstanding using my Reward Points?

  • Yes, you can settle your outstanding amount through your Reward Points. You can use your Reward Points only in the multiples of 2,000 for the same.

  • Q18. I have recently updated my address, can I redeem my reward points?

  • As per the policy the physical product items are only sent at the registered address. If you have changed your address, we suggest you to update it at the earliest with the SBI Card and then go for reward redemption.