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The Brands or Manufacturer/OEMs (original equipment manufacturer) bear the interest cost for EMI on specific tenures and on select products / models. This interest cost borne by OEMs in the form of ‘Manufacturer cashback’ (displayed in EMI chargeslip as well ) is called Interest Subvention.

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  • The values in the calculator are indicative. Actual values billed in statement might differ slightly.
  • The Rate of interest, and Manufacturer cashback percentage on products of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) /Merchants can change without prior notice. It is advised to the Card holders to check with store staff/merchant website for interest rates and manufacturer cashback % as applicable at time of purchase. Interest rates as communicated at the time of availing EMI shall be applicable/ levied.
  • The ‘Manufacturer cashback’ is provided as upfront discount to the Cardholder at the time of EMI booking.