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Resolution Plan 2.0

  • Q1. What is Resolution Framework 2.0?

  • In view of resurgence of COVID 19, SBI Card has created Resolution Framework 2.0 in line with the guidelines issued by the regulator wherein eligible customers can opt to convert the current outstanding on their card to a monthly EMI payment option at a pre-defined tenor and interest rate

  • Q2. Who is eligible for Resolution Framework 2.0?

  • Customer eligibility has been pre-defined by SBI Card as per guidelines issued by regulator. Kindly refer to our Resolution Framework 2.0 policy document available on our website (

  • Q3. What is the process for initiating Resolution Framework 2.0 for customer?

  • Please visit our website to apply for the Resolution Framework 2.0. Such a request shall be reviewed within 30 days and restructuring shall be offered if eligible.

  • Q4. Can I apply for Resolution Framework 2.0 if one of my card account is NPA as on 31st March,2021?

  • No, for availing Resolution Framework 2.0 all your card accounts need to be standard as on 31st March, 2021.

  • Q5. Can I apply for Resolution Framework 2.0 only for one of my card account?

  • Yes, however your other card accounts will also get blocked

  • Q6. Will I be able to use my credit card after taking Resolution Framework 2.0?

  • Yes, however, upon opting for the Resolution Framework 2.0 for one of your card accounts, all other cards shall be blocked for any further usage.

  • Q7. When will I be able to start using my credit card?

  • Accounts under Resolution Framework 2.0 shall be reviewed periodically, and reinstatement / new card shall be offered basis repayment behavior.

  • Q8. How will my account under Resolution Framework 2.0 be reported to credit bureaus?

  • For cardholders who opt for the Resolution Framework 2.0, their CIBIL will be updated as “Restructured due to Covid-19”. Impact on credit score will be as per the internal policies of the credit bureau.