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SBI Corporate Utility Card

The convenience of paying Utility bills online

Benefits of SBI Corporate Utility Credit Card

Know the privileges you get with SBI Corporate Utility Credit Card

BillDesk BillPay

BillDesk BillPay - Corporate

  • Pay bills in a simple, fast and secure way with SBI Corporate Utility Card
  • It is easy to implement and offers flexibility through biller grouping and bulk payments
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BillDesk BillPay - Corporate

  • Manage what the groups or a person has access to and what they receive
  • Get threshold based maker-checker process for each payment
  • The card provides visibility and compliance though the payment history download feature
  • Get enhanced security through approval flow for all biller additions and individual payments based on threshold


  • Get complimentary  Fidelity Guarantee Insurance cover for organisation’s corporate card liability against employee fraud
  • Enjoy customer friendly claim settlement process

Spend Category Control

  • Allow only utility payments like mobile, landline, gas, electricity, etc

Customized Solution & Controls

  • Consolidated organization level statement along with Individual statements.
  • Customized MIS & Analytics capability
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Customized Solution & Controls

  • Multi-layer Spend controls

Features, Fees & Charges - SBI Corporate Utility Credit Card

Know everything about this credit card

  • BillDesk BillPay - Corporate


      • Total flexibility and ease of payments
      • Better convenience and control
      • Log onto to get 24x7 online access
      • Transparency and compliance
      • Enhanced security

      Corporate will receive 2 e-statement for SBI Corporate Utility Card:

      • Corporate Utility Card Consolidated Statement – This e-statement will be generated on 2nd of every month. All the details pertaining to all the card account for the corporate will be included in this statement.
      • Consolidated Corporate Utility Card Interim Statement – This e-statement will be generated on 13th of every month. All debit transactions of all the card account for the corporate will be included in this statement for the period of 3rd to 13th of the same month.
  • Consolidated Payment Option

      • Manage your organisation's utility bills better
      • The feature enables you to make single consolidated payment for bills towards a particular biller
  • Insurance Details

      Fraud related insurance

      Cover Details
      Individual cards Equal to the credit limit of the card, subject to a maximum amount of Rs. 2 lakhs
      At a corporate level Per corporate entity the cover is limited to a maximum of Rs. 60 lakhs

      For more detail Terms & Conditions, click here.

  • Spend Analysis

      • With Visa Intellilink Spend Management, control and manage organisational spends
  • 24x7 Services

      • A dedicated team of Service Desk Executives and Relationship Managers for assistance and support.
      • For any assistance, please call: 1860 180 1290 / 39 02 02 02 (prefix local STD code).
  • Chip and Pin Benefits

      • Chip and Pin security feature makes your transactions more secure in India and abroad
      • Chip and Pin enabled cards carry an embedded EMV chip, and require a secure personal identification number to be entered by the cardholder on the POS terminal, in addition to the information entered by the merchant
      • This feature helps protect against the threat of counterfeit, skimming and lost and stolen card frauds
  • Fees

      • Joining fee: Nil
      • Annual fee: Nil
  • Extended Credit

      • Interest free credit period: 15-32 days (applicable only on retail purchases and if previous months outstanding balance is paid in full)
      • Finance charges#: Up to 3.35% per month (40.2% per annum from the transaction date)
        • Minimum Finance charge - Rs 25 each (on Retail & Cash transactions), exclusive of applicable taxes
      • Total amount payable: Total outstanding due (For consolidated Statement)
      • Minimum amount due: Total amount due
  • Cash Advance limit (If Applicable)

      • Cash Advance Limit :  Variable
      • Free Credit Period: Nil
      • Finance charges#: Upto 3.35% per month, accounting to 40.2% per annum from the date of withdrawal
  • Cash Advance Fee (If applicable)

      • SBI ATMs / Other Domestic ATMs: Upto 2.5% of withdrawal amount or Upto Rs. 450 (WIH) per transaction
      • International ATMs: Upto 3% of withdrawal amount or upto Rs. 450, whichever is higher, per transaction
  • Other charges (If Applicable)

      • Overlimit fees : Not Applicable on Corporate Cards
      • Late Payment Charges: NIL for Total Amount due from Rs.0 - Rs. 200;
        Rs. 100 for Total Amount due greater than Rs. 200 & up to Rs. 500;
        Rs. 400 for Total Amount due greater than Rs. 500 & up to Rs. 1000;
        Rs. 500 for Total Amount due greater than Rs. 1000 & up to Rs. 10,000;
        Rs. 750 for Total Amount due greater than Rs. 10,000
      • Emergency Card Replacement : Complimentary
      • Foreign Currency Transaction  : Conversion mark up: Upto 3.5%
      • Annual Reward Fee : Upto Rs.300
      • Rewards redemption fee: Rs. 99
      • Payment Dishonor Fee: 2% of payment Amount (subject to a minimum of Rs. 350)
      • Cheque Pickup Rs. 90
      • Statement Retrieval Rs. 100 per Statement (>2 months old)
      • Cheque Fee Rs.100 (Cheque payment upto Rs. 2000)
  • Surcharge (If Applicable)

      • Railway tickets – Railway counters: Rs. 30 + 2.5% of transaction amount
      • Railway tickets – 1.8% of transaction amount + service charge, as applicable
      • Petrol & all products/services:

      •1% of transactional value (excluding all applicable taxes wherever applicable + other charges) for single transaction spends between Rs. 500 and Rs. 4000 for Signature & Platinum Cards; Rs. 500 and Rs. 3,000 for all other cards

      Maximum surcharge waiver of Rs. 250 per statement cycle per corporate card account for signature & platinum cards; Rs. 100 per corporate card account for all other cards

  • Order of payment settlement

      All payments made for a cardholder account will be settled in the order of Total Amount Due (which is inclusive settlement of applicable taxes), followed by fees and other charges, Interest charges, retail outstanding and cash advance.

  • Things to know

      All taxes would be charged as applicable on all the above Fees, Interest & Charges.

      Applicable Taxes” (for Statements issued on or after 1st July, 2017) means:
      •For the cardholders having state of residence in the records of SBI Card on the statement date as“Haryana” - Central Tax @ 9% and State Tax @ 9%
      •For the cardholders having state of residence in the records of SBI Card on the statement date as other than “Haryana” - Integrated Tax @ 18%

      # Card Finance charge is dynamic and will be based on the cardholder's usage and payment patterns and is subject to periodic review.

      *Any changes in schedule of charges will be communicated via email and will be available on our website

      Your continued use of the card will be deemed acceptance of these amendments.

      To contact SBI Card for assistance, please click here.

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