SBI Signature Corporate Card

Experience unmatched privileges

Privileges on SBI Signature Corporate Card

SBI Signature Corporate Card now comes with unmatched privileges

Priority Servicing

Priority Servicing

  • As an SBI Signature Corporate Card customer, you enjoy the highest servicing level across all SBI Card products
  • Connect with us through mails, calls, letters, SMS or log on to our website to reach us

Priority Pass Membership

  • Get complimentary membership to the Priority Pass Program worth $99
  • Enjoy access to more than 600 international airport lounges worldwide
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Priority Pass Membership
  • A usage fee of only $27  will be charged to your card, every time you visit an airport lounge


  • Avail up to 1 Crore of complimentary travel insurance cover for your employees
  • Get complimentary insurance cover against fraud by employees, exclusively for SBI Corporate Card clients
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  • Insurance will cover the organisation’s corporate card liability against fraud by employees
  • Insurance is valid on online (2nd factor authenticated online transactions) and international transactions as well
  • Enjoy client friendly claim settlement process
Concierge Service

Concierge Service

  • Enjoy concierge service for SBI Corporate Signature cardholders with personalized customer service
  • Make reservations for airlines, hotels, car rentals, cruise lines and much more
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Concierge Service
  • The cost of any goods or services purchased are billed directly to your SBI Signature Corporate card
  • Information, reservations, and referrals are available to you at no cost

Features on your SBI Signature Corporate Card

Your SBI Signature Corporate Card comes with extensive features

  • Global acceptance
    • SBI Signature Corporate Card is accepted at over 24 million outlets across the globe including 3, 25,000 outlets in India and is recognized for its highest international authorization approval rate.
  • 24x7 services

      SBI Corporate Card has a dedicated team of Service Desk Executives and Relationship Managers for assistance and support.

    • Easily report or block the card loss or stolen card anytime
    • SBI Corporate card can be replaced within 48 to 72 hours from anywhere in the world
    • Avail emergency cash access across the world with the SBI Signature Corporate Card
    • For any assistance, please call: 1860 180 1290 or 39 02 02 02 (prefix local STD code).

  • Insurance Details

      Fraud related insurance

      Cover Details
      Individual cards Equal to the credit limit of the card, subject to a maximum amount of Rs. 2 lakhs
      At a corporate level Per corporate entity the cover is limited to a maximum of Rs. 60 lakhs

      For more detail Terms & Conditions, click here.

      Travel related insurance

      Cover Details
      Air accidental death If the ticket is purchased on the corporate card, sum assured is Rs. 1 crore
      Lost card liability For misuse of the lost card- 48 hours prior notification and 7 days post notification, sum assured is upto Rs. 3 lakhs.
      For fraud add-on cover against Counterfeit, Skimming and Online Frauds, sum assured is upto Rs. 2 lakhs.
      Travel insurance For baggage loss,sum assured is up to Rs. 75,000
      For baggage delay, sum assured is up to Rs. 7,500
      For loss of passport (only international), sum assured is up to Rs. 12,500
      For flight delay, sum assured is up to Rs. 15,000

      For more detail Terms & Conditions, click here.

  • Multilayer spend control
    • Category control - Restrict non-permitted merchant categories like, jewelry, casinos, etc., for preventing such expenses – even inadvertently
    • Limit control - The card usage can be kept within permitted entitlement limits by putting daily, weekly and monthly limits on the corporate card
  • Chip and PIN benefits
    • Chip and Pin security feature keeps the transactions more secure across the world
    • Chip and Pin enabled cards carry an embedded EMV chip, and require a secure personal identification number to be entered by the cardholder on the POS terminal, in addition to the information entered by the merchant
    • This feature helps protect against the threat of counterfeit, skimming and lost and stolen card frauds
  • Emergency cash disbursement
    • Access cash in times of emergency, within 24 hours
  • Emergency card replacement
    • SBI Signature Corporate card can be replaced from anywhere in the world
    • This service doesn’t include any delivery charges for all SBI Signature Corporate Cardholders
    • Get card replaced within 72 hours of request being placed or even sooner
    • Seamless and convenient process for cardholder – Call Visa GCAS helpline/SBI Card helpline
  • Spend analysis
    • With Visa Intellilink spend management tool, Analyse the organisation’s spending pattern and control expenses better, rather than resort to budget cuts
    • Take benefit from the web based interface and no need to make changes in the organisation’s systems
    • Easy access to SBI Signature Corporate Cardholder’s expenses to check policy breaches and ensure compliance
    • Take advantage of category-wise tracking to leverage and negotiate better rates and terms with vendors and suppliers
    • Take advantage of dashboard for quick snapshots of key information
    • Get email alerts to signal key events like approvals, availability of reports or statements and program thresholds
    • Use self-service interactive reports with multiple filters, sort options and drill-down capability for accurate spending information
    • Use sourcing tool to analyse cardholder’s spend, including import of non-card activity for a holistic view
  • Smarter expense management
    • Track and control your organisation’s expenses with Visa Intellilink spend management tool
    • Get monthly statement at corporate level in a single view showing key Merchant Category Code-wise spends break-up. Making payment and reconciliation is now a lot simpler
    • Get real-time transaction alerts through email and SMS with available credit limit
    • Access seamless daily transaction data with entity-specific set-up. The data file format is fully compatible with all major global expense systems
    • Don’t worry about transitioning employees carrying the corporate card seamlessly across entities. Cost center changes are managed at backend
    • Optimum utilization of credit line among large number of employees through dynamic credit limit facility
  • Bouquet of Offers
    • Enjoy a host of offers on your SBI Signature Corporate Card. Check our Offers section for more details
  • Priority Pass Program
    • Complimentary Priority Pass Program membership
    • Enjoy access to more than 600 international airport lounges worldwide with the membership
    • A usage fee of only $27 will be charged to your card
    • For activation of the service, please call: 1860 180 1290 / 39 02 02 02 (prefix local STD code) or reach us at
    • Click our Offers section for more details

  • Visa Lounge Access Program

      The Visa Lounge Access program is provided by Visa at all participating lounges at airports within India. Upon presentation of the SBI Corporate Card and boarding pass, cardholders can enjoy the following Airport Lounge Access privileges:

    • Complimentary access for Corporate Cardholders (maximum of 2 visits per quarter)
    • Paid Access: In addition to the complimentary access, cardholders are also entitled to unrestricted (chargeable) access for themselves & for their accompanying guests.
    • This facility is being extended by Visa. SBI Cards shall not be liable for any changes in the service terms
    • Click our Offers section for more details

  • Fee
      • Joining Fee (one time): Nil
      • Annual Fee (p.a): Upto Rs. 499
  • Extended credit
      • Interest Free Credit: 20-50 days ( applicable only on retail purchases and if previous months outstanding balance is paid in full)
      • Period Finance Charges#: Upto 3.35% p.m. (40.2% p.a.) from the date of transaction (It is a charged card and does not offer revolving facility)
      • Total Amount Payable: Total Outstanding Due
  • Cash Advance (If Applicable)
      • Cash Advance Limit (If Applicable):  Variable
      • Free Credit Period: Nil
      • Finance charges#: Upto 3.35% p.m. (40.2% p.a.) from the date of withdrawal

      Cash Advance (If Applicable)

      • SBI ATMs / Other Domestic: Upto 2.5% of withdrawal amount or Upto Rs. 400 (WIH) per transaction
      • ATMs International ATMs: Upto 3% of withdrawal amount or upto Rs. 400 (WIH) per transaction
  • Cash advance fee
      • SBI ATMs / Other Domestic ATMs: Up to 2.5% of withdrawal or Rs. 400, whichever is higher, per transaction
      • International ATMs: Up to 3% of withdrawal amount or Rs. 400,  whichever is higher, per transaction
      • Cheque Bounce / Invalid Cheque: 2% of Cheque Amount (minimum of Rs. 350 and maximum of Rs. 500)
  • Other charges
      • Payment Dishonor Fee: 2% of payment Amount (subject to a minimum of Rs. 350)
      • Charge slip Retrieval: Rs. 225 per Charge slip
      • Late Payment:
        • Nil for Total Amount due from Rs. 0 and up to Rs. 200;
        • Rs. 100 for Total Amount due greater than Rs. 200 and up to Rs. 500;
        • Rs. 400 for Total Amount due greater than Rs. 500 and up to Rs.1,000;
        • Rs. 500 for Total Amount due greater than Rs. 1,000 and up to Rs. 10,000;
        • Rs. 750 for Total Amount due greater than Rs. 10,000;
      • Emergency Card Replacement: Complimentary
      • Foreign Currency Transaction: Conversion mark up : 3.5%
      • Rewards Redemption Fee: Not Applicable
      • Annual Priority Pass Fee: Nil
      • Annual Reward Fee: Not Applicable
      • Cash Payment Fees: Rs. 100 + Applicable taxes
  • Surcharge
      • Railway Tickets - Railway Counters: Rs. 30 + 2.5% of transaction amount
      • Railway Tickets 1.8% of transaction amount + all applicable taxes
                                                                      2.5% of transaction value or Rs. 10 whichever is higher
                                                                      2.5% surcharge waiver (excluding all applicable taxes wherever applicable + other charges) for single transaction
                                                                      spends between Rs.500 and Rs.4000 for Signature & Platinum Cards; Rs. 500 and Rs. 3,000 for all other cards
      • Petrol & all products/services: Maximum surcharge waiver of Rs. 250 per statement cycle per credit card account for signature & platinum cards; Rs. 100 per credit card account for all other cards.
  • Order of payment settlement

      Total amount due (which is inclusive of Applicable taxes), followed by fees and other charges, Interest charges, retail outstanding and cash advance.

  • Payment of Custom duty

      2.25% of transaction amount (subject to minimum of Rs.75)

      All taxes would be charged as applicable on all the above Fees, Interest & Charges.

      Applicable taxes means Service tax (ST) @ 14%, Swachh Bharat Cess (SBC) @ 0.5% and Krishi Kalyan Cess (KKC) @ 0.5%

      *Any changes in schedule of charges will be communicated via email and will be available on our website

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