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At SBI Card, we continuously strive to enhance the value that we offer to our cardholders and find ways to make your relationship with SBI Card even more rewarding.

The all-new Shop & Smile Reward Program has been put together exclusively for you, keeping in mind your tastes and lifestyle. So, simply redeem the Power Reward Points you have accumulated on your SBI credit Card, against a wide array of products ranging from Gift Vouchers to Electrical Appliances, Accessories to Lifestyle products.

Happy Shopping!

SimplyCLICK SBI Card
Earn 1 reward point for every Rs.100 spent
Earn 5 reward points for every Rs.100 spent on all online spends
Earn 10 reward points for every Rs.100 spent on exclusive online partner spends

SBI Platinum Card Earn 2 Cash Points for every Rs.100 spent
5X Cash Points on Dining, Departmental Store and International Spends
Earn a whopping 10 Cash Points for every Rs.100 spent on Dining, Departmental Store & International Spends

Gold & More / SimplySAVE SBI Card : Earn 1 Reward Point for every Rs.100 spent
Earn a whopping 10 Reward Points for every Rs.100 spent on Dining, Movies, Departmental Store & Grocery Spends

With the Shop & Smile Rewards programme every time you use your SBI Card you get Power Points. These Power Points can be redeemed for exciting rewards. Here is how you can get them:

Call the SBI Card helpline 39020202, if calling from BSNL/MTNL line dial 1860 180 1290 | 1800 180 1290 OR

write to us at PO Box 28, GPO, New Delhi- 110001

We will have your gifts delivered at your doorstep!


The SBI Card Shop & Smile Rewards Program ("the program") allows eligible SBI ("Cardholder/s") to accumulate points from spending on their SBI credit card as determined by SBI Cards & Payment Services Private Limited ("SBICPSL” hereinafter referred to as SBI CARD) from time to time. Points accumulated on SBI credit cards can be exchange for Gifts, Gifts Vouchers and Reversal of Fees.


SBI Platinum & Signature Cardholders will earn 2 Reward Points for every Rs.100 spent and earn 10 Reward  Points for every Rs.100 spent on Dining, Departmental Store & International Spends. SBI Gold & More/SimplySAVE SBI Cardholders will earn 1 Reward Point for every Rs.100 spent and earn 10 Reward Points for every Rs.100 spent on Dining, Movies, Departmental Store & Grocery spends.

SimplyCLICK SBI Cardholders will
Earn 1 reward point for every Rs.100 spent
Earn 5 reward points for every Rs.100 spent on all online spends
Earn 10 reward points for every Rs.100 spent on exclusive online partner spends

This Rewards Program is not applicable on SBI Advantage Card, SBI Advantage Plus Card, SBI Railway Card, SBI Spice Jet Card, SBI Go Air Card and SBI Yatra Card

For SBI credit card the following charges are not eligible for accruing Points:

Balance Transfers
Cash advances (Domestic and Foreign)
Encash, Dial a Draft
Financial charges (e.g. late payment fees, dishonored cheque charges, service fees, transaction charges)
Disputed transactions
Purchases at petrol pumps/service stations
A cardholder cannot accrue points for any charge incurred prior to his/her enrollment date.

Points accumulated by a cardholder on the SBI card cannot be combined or used in conjunction with points of his/her other SBI cards at the time of redemption or transferred to any other customer loyalty program unless otherwise notified by SBICPSL.

The points do not constitute property of the cardholder and are not transferable by operation of law or otherwise to any person or entity.

Adjustment will be made to the points if there are any credits, including those arising from returned goods or services or billing disputes. If a disputed transaction is resolved in favour of the cardholder or where transaction is reversed, proportionate points will also be reversed from the cardholder's account. On redemption the points would automatically be subtracted from points accumulated in the cardholder's account.

Points can only be accumulated for a period of 24 months from the date of the accrual of reward point under the rewards program. Any points not used by the end of the stipulated 24 months shall lapse and be forfeited.

SBICPSL will notify the primary cardholder in the monthly statement of account in respect of the SBI card of the number of points accumulated immediately preceding the closing date for the said monthly statement.

In the event the SBI Card is voluntarily closed by the cardholder, the points accumulated on his/her SBI card account can be redeemed within 180 days of closure, otherwise these will automatically lapse. In the event of cancellation of the SBI Card for any other reason, all the points accumulated will stand forfeited, but may be reinstated at the discretion of SBICPSL if the use of SBI Card is reinstated.

SBICPSL decision on the computation of points will be final, conclusive and binding on the cardholder.


The cardholder may choose any of the following methods for Redemption:

   Visit; Call the SBI Card helpline 39020202(prefix local STD code), if calling from BSNL/MTNL line dial 1860 180 1290
    Write to us at PO Box 28, GPO, New Delhi- 110001

The SBI Card must not be overdue, suspended, blocked, canceled or terminated by SBICPSL at the time of redemption request.

The points accrued can only be redeemed by the Primary Cardholder and not by an Additional Cardholder.

The Points may be redeemed at participating merchant establishment for a variety of rewards, as detailed in the program catalogue and other mailers issued by SBICPSL from time to time e.g. merchandise, shopping, dining, travel, fee waivers, financial services and credit card upgrades, however cannot be settled against any outstanding in the account pertaining to Govt. taxes & levies, Balance Transfer, EMI  & Cash Withdrawal.”

It can only be redeemed in the multiple of 2000 points unless or otherwise stated.

The points cannot be exchanged for cash or credit or used to obtain cash advances or used against payment for any charges incurred on the SBI card unless that is part of that particular SBI card's feature.

SBICPSL will mail the redemption certificate/voucher/gift to the cardholder within 10-15 days on a best-effort basis after receiving the redemption request from the Cardholder.

Kindly note that Gift vouchers should be utilized within expiry dates mentioned on the voucher. Gift Vouchers will not be revalidated.

SBICPSL is not liable for any delay or loss in delivery of redemption certificates/vouchers or gifts.

Redeemed Rewards are not exchangeable for other rewards or refundable. Once exchanged for any partner loyalty program, points cannot be transferred back. All Rewards are subject to availability and certain restrictions may apply. The redemption procedure and additional terms and conditions for each item are set forth in the redemption certificates/vouchers issued to the cardholder.

In case the enclosed gift is damaged/incorrect/incomplete, please feel free to get in touch with our helpline at 39020202(prefix local STD code) or 1860 180 1290 (if calling from BSNL/MTNL Lines) or email us at within 5 days of receipt of the same.

Any additional meals, transportation, accommodation arrangements, couriers or other costs incurred in connection with redemption of any reward will be the sole responsibility of the cardholder.

Issuance of redemption certificate for dining, travel or hotel accommodation does not constitute a reservation. The Cardholder is responsible for making all reservations and notifying participating merchant establishments of the reward(s) he/she is going to redeem.

Other SBI Benefits which are activated by use of the SBI card do not apply to goods or services received as rewards under the program.


SBICPSL reserves the right not to accept returns or changes of goods/services after a complete delivery has been made to the correct mailing address and accepted by the Cardholder. Quality of goods/services is guaranteed by suppliers / manufacturers in accordance with their warranty and services terms and conditions if any.

The fulfillment agency will make such delivery within 10-15 days of receipt by SBICPSL of the redemption request on a best-effort basis. In case of goods shortage or upon expiration of the rewards catalogue, the delivery may be subjected to certain delay. All delivery disputes will be entertained within 30 days from the date the request has been made for the redemption.

A fee of Rs 99/- plus GST will be debited to the card account per redemption request towards delivery and processing charges. The same will be charged to the Cardholder in his/her monthly statement.


Fraud and abuse relating to earning and redemption of points in the program will result in the forfeiture of the points as well as termination of the SBI credit card account. SBICPSL or its merchant establishments for administrative and/or marketing purposes may use information supplied by a Cardholder on the redemption of rewards.

Any taxes or other liabilities or charges payable to the government or any other authority or any participating merchant establishment which may arise or accrue to a cardholder by redemption as aforesaid or otherwise as a result of the program shall be to the sole account of the cardholder.

SBICPSL reserves the right to cancel, change or substitute the rewards or the rewards conditions or the computations of points or terms and conditions of the program anytime. SBICPSL can suspend or terminate the program any time it deems necessary. In such a case SBICPSL will intimate the cardholder and give them an option to redeem the accumulated points.

SBICPSL makes no warranties or representations either expressed or implied with regard to the type, quality or fitness of the goods and services provide by the participating merchant establishment under the program.

The Program does not in any way amend the Cardholder agreement between SBICPSL and the cardholder and any term referenced but not defined herein may be interpreted in accordance with the cardholder agreement.

SBICPSL acts in good faith in response to any oral or electronic instruction or enquiry by the Cardholder in respect of any matter in relation to this program and fulfillment of any reward. The cardholder will not be entitled to claim or allege any loss, damage, liability, expense etc. attributable directly or indirectly, to any such good faith action of SBICPSL. All queries to the program may be addressed to:

The MANAGER Customer Services
SBI Cards and Payment Services Private Limited
P.O. Bag No 28
New Delhi

W.E.F. 15th Oct '09 , Rewards Redemption fee is being revised to Rs 99/- plus GST which will be debited to the card account for each redemption request towards delivery and processing charges

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