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Visa Credit Card Pay

  • Q1. What is Visa Credit Card Pay service?

  • Visa Credit Card Pay is a mode of payment that allows you to transfer funds from any resident bank account to any SBI Visa Credit Card, within India using your bank’s Netbanking facility.

  • Q2. Can I pay my MasterCard credit card bills using Visa Credit Card Payment?

  • No, you cannot pay your MasterCard credit card bills using Visa Credit Card Payment.

  • Q3. How long does it take to credit the amount to my SBI Visa Card?

  • Payment will reflect instantly in your SBI Credit Card account.

  • Q4. How do I make payment using Visa Credit Card Pay?

  • You can make your SBI Visa Card outstanding payment using Visa Credit card Pay through your bank’s netbanking in 5 simple steps-

    • Log on to NetBanking service of your bank
    • Enter your Customer ID and Password
    • Go to Third Party Funds Transfer and select Visa Credit Card Pay
    • Enter Transfer details- Sender and Recipient Information
    • Confirm the transaction

    The payment made is sent to the beneficiary bank by VISA for further processing.

  • Q5. What details do I need to know about the beneficiary Visa card I wish to make the payment for ?

  • You only need to know the 16 digit credit card number of the beneficiary to avail Visa Credit Card Pay

  • Q6. Are there any charges for using this facility?

  • The charges applicable on this service are based on the rules and regulations of your bank. There are no uniform charges that are applied for VMT transactions, universally.

  • Q7. Once the transfer has been initiated, can it be modified or stopped?

  • No, you cannot stop the transaction, once initiated. Also, you cannot modify the beneficiary Visa card details or payment amount after the initiation of the transaction.

  • Q8. Can I use a credit card to transfer funds through Visa Credit Card Pay?

  • You can only use bank accounts to transfer funds using Visa Credit Card Pay.