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Travel Insurance

  • Q1. What is Travel Insurance, why do I Need that?

  • Travel insurance is a comprehensive plan which covers you against medical and other financial emergencies that may occur during your travel abroad . It provides 2 coverage options :

    • Worldwide and
    • Worldwide excluding US & Canada
  • Q2. Who can take Travel Insurance?

    • Indian Residents undertaking bonafide trips abroad for:
      1. business and official purposes,
      2. holiday purpose
    • Foreign Nationals working in India.
  • Q3. What is the age limit for purchase of Travel Insurance policy?

  • Age Limit for purchase of Travel Insurance policy is: 6 months to 70 years.

  • Q4. What is the period of Insurance available under Travel Insurance?

  • Period of Insurance

    • Single Trip: - Policy can be issued for minimum 1 days up to a maximum of 180 days duration.
    • Multi Trip: - Policy will be issued only for one year not for shorter or longer duration.
  • What is the minimum premium for the plan?

  • Extension in Policy duration is only permissible in single trip insurance for a maximum 180 days subject to the condition that total Policy duration after extension shall not be more than 270 days.
    The premium for extension of Policy duration will be difference of full extended period premium minus premium received till date

  • Q6. Is there any deductible applicable under Travel Insurance?

  • Yes deductible is applicable for coverage under Medical expenses, Travel Support and Personal Liability covers under Travel Insurance.

  • Q7. Are Pre-existing diseases covered under Travel Insurance?

  • Travel Insurance does not cover pre-existing diseases.

  • Q8. What are the conditions for renewal of travel Insurance Policy?

    • Single Trip Insurance is non-renewable.
    • Multi Trip Insurance may be renewed every year.
  • Q9. Is there any floater discount applicable in Travel Insurance?

  • Yes, floater discount is applicable for Travel insurance as per below table:

    Age of the oldest member is between: 0-40 years

    No. of Members

    Discount applicable







    Age of the oldest member is between: 41- 60 years

    No. of Members

    Discount applicable







  • Q10. Is Travel Insurance mandatory?

  • Travel Insurance is not mandatory in India. However it is mandatory in UK and countries like Austria, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, Spain, Netherlands and many other countries.
    However, for a safe and peaceful trip, we recommend that you should take a Travel insurance policy to take care of any contingencies that might arise during your journey; like sudden illnesses, misplaced passport, lost luggage etc.

  • Q11. Can a Policy be issued once the travel has commenced?

  • No, policy cannot be issued once travel has commenced.

  • Q12. Do I have to undergo any medical examination for buying Travel Insurance?

  • No, there is no medical examination required to avail Future Easy Travel plans.