Manage your account on the go with the SBI Card Mobile App


Mobile App Touch ID / Fingerprint Authentication

  • Q 1. What is Touch ID / Fingerprint Authentication?

  • Touch ID/ fingerprint authentication is a biometric authentication available on select iOS and Android devices that works like a passcode when you rest your finger on biometric touch pad on your Mobile device.


  • Q 2. Why should I use Touch ID to login to my account?

  • Touch ID is convenient and secure way to access your device. Once you activate Touch ID authentication, you don’t need to remember your password to login to your account. You simply need to verify your fingerprints to login to SBI Card App.


  • Q 3. How should I activate or deactivate the Touch ID for my Mobile App?

  • To manage Touch ID authentication for your SBI Card App, please follow the below steps:

    • Step 1: Visit SBI Card App menu
    • Step 2: App Settings section
    • Step 3: Enable/ Disable your Touch ID using the toggle button
  • Q 4. If multiple fingerprints are registered on my device, can I restrict App access to only select people?

  • When you enable Touch ID, anyone who has a fingerprint registered to your device will be able to access the your SBI Card App. Please provide access to trusted people only.


  • Q 5. How can I access my account in case my fingerprint authentication is not recognized/ disabled?

  • You can access to your SBI Card App using login password.


  • Q 6. If my mobile device is lost, how can I disable my Touch ID authentication from the App?

  • Please call SBI Card helpline at 39020202 (prefix local STD code) or 1860 180 1290 to unlink your account which will disable your Touch ID authentication for your SBI Card App on the lost device.