Manage your account on the go with the SBI Card Mobile App


SBI Mobile Banking

  • Q1. How can I pay my SBI Card dues through my mobile phone?

  • If you are a State Bank of India Savings or Current account holder, you can download SBI’s mobile banking application- SBI Freedom on your phone and pay your SBI Card outstanding through your SBI bank account. This service is easy to use & safe and empowers you to pay your SBI Card dues at your own convenience.

  • Q2. Which operating systems are capable of downloading the State Bank of India mobile application?

  • The SBI Freedom mobile banking application is available for JAVA, Blackberry, Android, iPhones and Windows mobile phones. The service can also be availed via Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) on all phones with General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) connection

  • Q3. What are the details that need to be mentioned while making the SBI Card bill payment using mobile banking?

  • If you are using SBI Freedom to pay your SBI Card dues , you need to provide the following details:

    • Biller Name: SBICARD
    • Location: National
    • Biller ID: SBICARD
    • Category: Card
    • Sub-category: Card
    • Type of biller, as biller, payee or both: Payee
    • Company ID: Your 16-digit SBI Card number.
  • Q4. By when will the payment made via SBI Freedom reflect in my SBI Card account?

  • Payment will reflect instantly on your SBI Credit Card account