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SBI Card Online Security

  • Q1. How secure is

  • For us, the safety of your transaction and other details is of paramount importance. We follow a strong password and online security policy to ensure the same.

    - We have 256 bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology to secure your SBI Card online activities

    - You can check the Security Certificate by clicking on the padlock icon that appears with the URL in the browser bar when you type the URL.

    - Once you have registered for SBI Card online account, your password is not generated immediately but a One Time Password (OTP) is sent across to your registered email ID and mobile number. You can access your account the first time, using that OTP as the password and reset your password subsequently.

    - When selecting the password, we prompt you to choose a password that is difficult enough to be tracked or guessed. Our password policy ensures that your password consists of,

    • a minimum length of 8 characters
    • a minimum of 1 alphabet [a-z or A-Z]
    • a minimum of 2 numbers which must be embedded i.e. the number cannot be the first or last character of the password

    Your password should not contain the username, or the username in reverse and allow but not enforce the use of Special characters [@,-,_,Space,]) and uppercase alphabets [A-Z].

    • - On the basis of character combination you have opted for, we also indicate how strong or weak your password is.
    • - The system does not allow you to recreate any of the last ten passwords.
    • - You should try using Virtual Keyboard as an additional security measure.
    • - The SBI Card online account gets automatically locked if incorrect password is typed 3 times in succession.
    • - The SBI Card online account gets automatically logged off after an inactive period of 7 minutes.
    • - When you log in to your SBI Card online account, your last log in date and time is displayed in the header bar so you can check your account for any unauthorised activity.
    • - We only display the last 4 digits of your SBI Credit Card number while communicating with you to ensure any unauthorised usage of your card.