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SBI Auto Debit

  • Q1. What is SBI Auto Debit?

  • This is a service which Auto Debit facilitates automatic payment of your SBI Card outstanding from your State Bank of India/Bank of Maharashtra account on the payment due date.

    After signing up for this facility, your bank account will be debited on the payment date and the amount will be credited to your SBI Card account. While setting up SBI Auto Debit, you can choose the payment amount as Total Amount Due (TAD) or Minimum Amount Due (MAD) as per your SBI Card monthly statement.

  • Q2. How can I sign up for Auto Debit service?

  • To avail Auto Debit service, you have to download the Auto Debit activation form from, get it verified by your bank branch and then send the physical copy to us on following address:

    SBI Cards & Payment Services Limited
    P.O. Bag No.28, GPO, New Delhi - 110001

  • Q3. How does SBI Auto-Debit work?

  • Under SBI Auto Debit service, on behalf of you we would present your payment transaction with your bank on your payment due date and subsequently the debit happen from your bank account.

  • Q4. What are the benefits of Auto Debit facility?

  • Post applying for this this facility, you would no longer have to remember your monthly payment due date. All that you need to do is to make sure that there is a sufficient balance in your bank account, when the payment is due. SBI Card will debit your bank account and process the same to your SBI Credit Card automatically.

  • Q5. Who all can avail the SBI Auto Debit facility?

  • To avail SBI Auto Debit facility, one needs to have a savings account in the State Bank of India (SBI), Bank of Maharashtra or Federal Bank.

  • Q6. Are there any charges levied on the use of Auto Debit service?

  • No, there are no charges on use of Auto Debit service.

  • Q7. If needed, can I cancel this facility whenever I want?

  • Yes. In order to deactivate the Auto Debit facility, you will need to download an Auto Debit deactivation form from, complete the same and send it to us at:

    SBI Cards & Payment Services Limited
    P.O. Bag No.28, GPO, New Delhi - 110001

  • Q8. What if my account does not have sufficient funds to cover the Auto Debit deduction?

  • If your bank account does not have sufficient balance, the Auto Debit will not take place and you will have to pay your SBI Card outstanding through another payment option.

  • Q9. How long does it take for the payment debited through SBI Auto Debit to reflect in my SBI card account?

  • The Payment will get debit from your account on Payment due date or next banking day and same will reflect on your SBI CARD account on PDD however limit will get release in 3 days from PDD as per standard process.