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Sampoorn Cancer Suraksha

  • What is SBI Life – Sampoorn Cancer Suraksha?

  • SBI Life - Sampoorn Cancer Suraksha, is an individual, non-participating, non-linked health insurance product. It is a complete health insurance offering stage-wise benefit payout on diagnosis. It also offers the flexibility of monthly income benefit which supplements the household income which is impacted.

  • How does SBI Life – Sampoorn Cancer Suraksha work?

  • SBI Life - Sampoorn Cancer Suraksha is a simple non- medical product. The product has three benefit structures to chose from - Standard, Classic and Enhanced.  On diagnosis of cancer, the product offers stage wise lumpsum benefit along with premium waiver and monthly income benefit option. This is a pure health insurance plan and does not offer any death or maturity benefit.

  • Why should someone buy this product?

  • While one may not consider themselves at risk, the cancer statistics are alarming and unfortunately it can affect anyone. But rise in medical advances have made cure possible giving hope to cancer afflicted. This however comes at a huge cost wherein people need to be backed by adequate funds.

    A comprehensive cancer insurance plan like SBI Life – Sampoorn Cancer Suraksha will ensure that one need not be alone in their fight against cancer.

    • Choice of three Benefit structures1:-
      • Standard
      • Classic
      • Enhanced
    • Monthly Income Benefit option: In lieu of 40% of Sum Assured payable to you, you may opt to receive the same as 1.2% of Sum Assured in monthly mode. Balance (net of 40% of SA), if any, will be paid out in lumpsum.
    • Premium Waiver Benefit: In-built Premium Waiver benefit
    • Medical Second Opinion: Facility to get a second opinion from medical experts.
    • Tax Savings2: Get Section 80D benefit for premiums paid
    • Affordable Premium

    Specific stages of cancer are covered based on the Benefit Structure chosen. Benefit     Structure once selected at inception cannot be changed during the policy term.

    Tax benefits are as per Income Tax Laws & are subject to change from time to time. Please consult your Tax advisor for details.

  • What are the benefits available under SBI Life - Sampoorn Cancer Suraksha?

  • There are 3 benefit structures to select from- Standard, Classic and Enhanced. The benefits offered under these plans are as below:





    Minor Stage Cancer (CIS and Early Stage cancers)

    Major Stage Cancer

    Advanced Stage Cancer

    (Additional Sum Assured)


    Monthly Income Benefit Option

    Premium Waiver Benefit

    5 years on diagnosis of first claim of Minor Stage cancer

    Full  outstanding  policy  term on diagnosis of Minor or Major Stage cancers

    Full  outstanding  policy  term on diagnosis of Minor or Major Stage cancers

    Sum  Assured Reset  Benefit



    Medical Second Opinion

  • If I have opted for the Standard plan & I have been diagnosed with advanced stage cancer, what is the payout that I will get?

  • You will be eligible to get the maximum payout under the Standard plan, which is 100% of Sum Assured.

  • Who can avail this plan?

  • Anyone between the age# of 6 to 65 years can buy this plan on satisfying the conditions of the medical questionnaire.

    # - Age as on last birthday

    I am already diagnosed with cancer; can I  purchase this plan? [Or] I was suffering from cancer in the past & have fully recovered now, can I buy this plan?

     No. This plan is not available to those who have/are suffering/diagnosed with cancer.

  • Can I choose my premium payment term?

  • No. This is a Regular Premium payment plan. You need to pay premium for the entire policy term.   
  • What is the ideal policy term?

  • You can choose a Policy Term (PT) from 5 to 30 yrs (both inclusive). Since, the maximum age at maturity under the product is 75 years, it is recommended to opt for a policy term of 30 years or 75 minus your age at entry, whichever is lower. This will ensure that you have comprehensive cancer cover for the maximum period.

  • What is the Sum Assured that I should opt for?

  • You can choose a Sum Assured from 10 Lakhs to 50 Lakhs  (both inclusive), however given the rising   treatment cost & inflation, we recommend a Sum Assured from 25 Lakhs to 50 Lakhs . Moreover, High Sum Assured (SA) discount is available for SA > 25 lakhs.

  • What is the minimum and maximum premium under the product?

  • Mode




    Rs. 600

    Based on the sum assured

    Half Yearly

    Rs. 300


    Rs. 150


    Rs. 50

  • What is the Death (life cover) Benefit available under the plan?

  •   There is no death benefit under this plan

  • What is the Maturity Benefit available under the plan?

  • There is no maturity benefit under this plan.

  • How does the Monthly Income Benefit option work?

  • Monthly Income Benefit is an option offered to policyholders so that they have the flexibility to structure their payouts.

    On diagnosis of Major Stage, in lieu of 40% of SA payable, 1.2% p.a. of the Sum Assured can be availed as monthly payouts over a period of 3 years. The balance amount, net of 40% of SA, if any, will be paid as lumpsum benefit.

    This option once exercised cannot be revoked & if the life assured dies during the payout term, the payment would continue to the nominee.

    e.g. Case: Mr. Sachin took a SBI Life - Sampoorn Cancer Suraksha policy for Classic benefit Structure for a term of 30 years with Sum Assured (SA) of Rs. 25,00,000 on 01.11.2016. He opts for yearly mode of premium.

    On 15.11.2026, he is diagnosed with CIS of the colon. A payout of 30% of SA i.e. Rs. 7,50,000 would be made and his premiums would be waived off.

    Subsequently, on diagnosis of Major Stage cancer (say on 07.09.2034), balance of 100% of Sum Assured less benefits paid earlier on Minor Stage claim i.e. Rs. 17,50,000 would be the claim amount payable.

    Sachin, has the option of either taking Rs. 17,50,000 as a lump sum payment or 7,50,000 as lumpsum payment & Rs. 30,000 monthly income benefit for 36 months (against Rs. 10,00,000 ie 40% of SA).

  • What is the Sum Assured Reset Benefit?

  • This benefit is available to customers choosing the Enhanced Benefit Structure. Under this, after a period of 3 years from the date of valid Minor or Major Cancer claim, and subject to no further diagnosis of Minor, Major or Advanced Stage Cancer during the same period, the full Sum Assured will be restored.

    This benefit is applicable provided the life assured had undergone cancer surgery or radiotherapy or chemotherapy or any medically necessary treatment for previous cancer(s).

    The reset benefit will be payable irrespective of whether the cancer is diagnosed after 3 years is recurrence of the same cancer as the earlier claimed for or an entirely different cancer. The Sum Assured Reset benefit is available only once during the policy term.

  • Can we avail the Sum Assured Reset Benefit option more than once in the entire policy term?

  • The Sum Assured Reset Benefit option is available only once during the policy term.

  • What is a medical second opinion & How does it work?

  • Under this service, if the life assured has been diagnosed with cancer, he/she can have the diagnoses pertaining to cancer and their treatment plans evaluated by another doctor.

    These reports would not be shared with SBI Life Insurance & the claim decision will not be impacted by it.

    You can avail the service of medical second opinion provided by Mediguide India by contacting them on 0008000401647

  • What Premium Reviewability? [Or] Are my premiums fixed under the product?

    • Under this product, premiums are fixed for a block of five policy years, that is, the premium rates will be reviewed after each block of five policy years.
    • Premium may be revised based on the claim experience under the product subject to prior IRDAI approval & not on individual claims.
    • The revised premium would be based on age at entry only.
  • Can I increase/decrease my Sum Assured?

  • No increase/decrease in Sum Assured is allowed under the plan.

  • What is the Grace period for the Plan?

  • A grace period of 30 days will be allowed for Yearly, Half-yearly & Quarterly premium frequencies and a grace period of 15 days will be allowed where premiums are paid monthly.

  • What if I am unable to pay my premium on time?

  • On discontinuance of premium, you can revive your policy within 2 years from the date of the First Unpaid Premium or 6 months prior to the date of expiry of policy term, whichever is earlier, while the life assured is still alive.

  • What are the conditions for reviving the policy?

  • You should write to us during the revival period requesting revival along with Good Health Declaration and satisfy other underwriting requirements, if any.

    We may accept or reject your revival request. We will inform you about the same.

    Revival will be subject to underwriting afresh by us based on our Board approved underwriting policy.

    You  must pay all due premiums, not paid during the revival period, along with interest. The due premiums would include the applicable instalment premium (inclusive of premium revision, if any). The Premium may be increased at the time of revival.

    Revival shall not be deemed effective unless we accept the revival and intimate you the same in writing.

    You can revive your policy within 2 years from the date of the First Unpaid Premium and 6 months prior to the date of expiry of policy term (since there is a 180 waiting period), whichever is earlier, while the life assured is still alive.

  • Is there any Survival period under the product? [Or] Is there any payout for death due to Cancer ?

  • Survival period of 5 days is applicable, i.e. for a claim to be valid; the life assured should have survived for a period of 5 days from the date of first diagnosis.

  • If a policy holder die a natural death without being diagnosed of cancer will his / her nominee will get Sum Assured:

  • No there would no payout since there is no death benefit under the product

  • If a Policy Holder after being diagnosed with initial stages of cancer received two pay outs of 30% of SA each and afterwards dies before being diagnosed of, major stage of cancer, whether his/her

  • For each claim to be valid, the Policy Holder must survive for 5 days from date of diagnosis

  • If a Policy Holder dies within 5 days of being diagnosed of cancer, will his nominee get the SA.

  • For each claim to be valid, the Policy Holder must survive for 5 days from date of diagnosis

  • What is the Waiting period under the product? [Or]Is there any cooling period during which claims would not be paid?

  • No claims would be admitted within the initial waiting period of 180 days from the date of commencement of risk or date of revival, whichever is later. However, even during this period, you can avail the Medical Second Opinion facility.

  • What is the Free Look Period, available under the plan?

  • You can review the terms and conditions of the policy, within 15 days for policies sourced through other channels and 30 days for policies sourced through Direct Marketing, from the date of the receipt of the policy document and where you disagree with any of those terms and conditions, you have the option to return the policy stating the reasons for your objection.

    We shall refund you the Premium amount Minus the Stamp duty & Risk premium, proportionate to the period you were covered.

  • What are the Tax benefits, available under the plan?

  • Tax deduction under Section 80 D is available. Tax benefits, are as per the Income Tax laws & are subject to change from time to time. Please consult your tax advisor for details.

  • What are the Exclusions of the policy? [Or] Are there any exclusions under the policy?

  • No benefit shall be payable under the policy in respect of any Advanced Cancer, Major Cancer, CIS or Early  Stage  Cancer  resulting  directly  or  indirectly from  or  caused  or  contributed  by  (in whole or in part) :

    • Sexually Transmitted Diseases AIDS or HIV.
    • Any pre-existing cancer including carcinoma in situ
    • Nuclear, biological or chemical contamination (NBC),
    • The policy shall be terminated and no benefit shall be payable under the policy if the diagnosis or signs or symptoms (related to the diagnosed cancer) first occurred during the waiting period
  • Is nomination allowed? Can I change the nomination?

  • Nomination would be as per provisions of Section 39 of the Insurance Act 1938, as amended from time to time.

    Nomination is allowed under this product. The customer can nominate or change the existing nomination any time before the policy matures for payment
  • Is minor nominee allowed?

  • Yes. However, an appointee has to be provided for the minor nominee.

  • Is assignment allowed?

  • Assignment would be as per provisions of Section 38 of the Insurance Act 1938, as amended from time to time.

  • Is there any staff rebate for SBG employees?

  • Staff cases are defined as all employees, retired employees, VRS holders, minor children and spouse of employees of SBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd, BNP PARIBAS and State Bank, Associated Banks, RRBs sponsored by State Bank of India and subsidiaries of State Bank group and BNP PARIBAS group.

    There is a 5% discount on the tabular premium and applicable throughout the term of the product.

  • Can a loan be taken under this Product?

  • No loan is applicable against this product
  • What are the loadings for the premium payment modes?

  • The loadings for Base premium are as follows:

    Payment mode



    8.50% of the annual premium


    26.00% of the annual premium

    Half yearly

    51.00% of the annual premium

  • Is there any High Sum Assured rebate?

  • Yes, there is high sum assured rebate and the rates are as follows:

    Sum Assured (Rs.)

    Rebates on premium per thousand Sum Assured

    10 Lakhs to 24 Lakhs


    25 Lakhs to 39 Lakhs

    1. 0.12

    40 Lakhs to 50 Lakhs

    1. 0.20
  • Can I add riders like ADB and APTD /CritiCare 13/Preferred Term to this plan?

  • No. Other riders cannot be added to the plan

  • Can one take this plan on behalf of his/her Spouse/Mother/ Father/Brother/ Son/Daughter/ Sister/ Grandmother/Grandfather?

  • In case of adults, the proposer and the Life Assured will be the same person. Parents can take this policy on behalf of their minor child wherein the parent would be the proposer and the minor would be the Life Assured.

    For all other scenarios, standard guidelines as mentioned in underwriting manual are applicable.

  • Is portability available?

  • Portability is subject to the  existing regulations. Currently the same is not allowed under the regulations.

  • Do we have the option to select the % of Payout in each stage? / Do we have the flexibility to vary the benefits under the plan? E.g. Can I opt for payout of only 20% of SA in stage 1 and stage 2

  • The benefit structure is already designed in manner to be flexible to you. While you can choose from the payment options, they cannot be customized further.