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Raising a Card Dispute

  • Q1. What is the time frame to report a disputed transaction?

  • A transaction dispute should be referred to SBI Cards within 25 days from the date of transaction with the Transaction Dispute Form (TDF) and supporting Documents (as mentioned in the TDF).

    The TDF is available under Forms central section on the SBI card website.

    In case, the TDF and supporting Documents are not received within the timelines as mentioned in the TDF(Important Notes section) , we would be unable to raise the dispute with the acquiring bank and the liability of the transaction would lie with you.

  • Q2. Why am I required to fill a Transaction dispute form (TDF) to report transaction dispute?

  • As per Master / visa guidelines, in case of a dispute, all card holders should provide a duly filled in Transaction Dispute Form (TDF) mentioning the details of the disputed transaction which will enable / authorize the bank to investigate with the respective Merchant / Member Bank.

  • Q3. Do I require documentation to raise a dispute?

  • Yes. Certain disputes like-cancellation, paid by other means, refund promised by the merchant, merchandise returned etc., require documented proof and therefore, kindly retain documented proof validating the same. The requisite documents are mentioned in the TDF, against each type of dispute.

  • Q4. Will I have to pay for the disputed amount while it is under review?

  • When a dispute is raised for a transaction, depending on the nature of the dispute, a temporary credit to the extent of the amount disputed may be given and an investigation is initiated. This temporary credit will nullify the effect of the disputed transaction on the total outstanding. This is to ensure that you are not adversely impacted during the period of investigation.

    Based on the outcome of the investigation, the temporary credit may be made permanent resulting in no liability from your end for the transaction or reversed, wherein the amount under dispute will be debited to your account and payable by you. We will contact you with details, if the temporary credit given to the card account is reversed.

  • Q5. Should I pursue with the merchant as well after raising a dispute with you?

  • We will ensure an end to end resolution is given on the dispute. Still , you may contact the merchant directly also.

  • Q6. Will I get an acknowledgement that my dispute/claim is taken?

  • A written acknowledgement will be sent confirming the dispute is taken up with the merchant. If any further documentation is required from your end to address the claim, you will be duly informed.

  • Q7. How long will it take to resolve a billing dispute?

  • Most disputes are resolved within 45-60 days from the date of receipt of TDF along with complete supporting documents, although complex cases could require additional time.

  • Q8. How will I come to know that the dispute is resolved?

  • We will send a written communication advising you about the outcome of your dispute.

  • Q9. When should I fill a progressive dispute form?

  • Subsequent to submission of the TDF, the bank intimates the merchant of the disputed transaction. The merchant then provides all the relevant documents to substantiate the respective transaction, which are sent to the customer for validation. Post inspection of all the relevant documents, if the customer is still not convinced, then the customer should fill and submit the progressive dispute form or progressive Email/Letter.