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National Automated Clearing House (NACH) Facility

  • Q1. What is National Automated Clearing House?

  • National Automated Clearing House or NACH is an electronic mode of funds transfer from your bank account to your SBI Card account. Now you need not issue cheques every month for paying your SBI Card dues. You can set NACH for SBI Card, by which the chosen amount will be deducted directly from your bank account every month in favour of SBI Card. The amount will be credited to your card account on the payment due date. Subject to realisation.

  • Q2. How can I set up the National Automated Clearing House?

  • Step 1: Please click here to download the NACH enrollment form.

    Step 2: Print the form and fill the required details. For assistance refer to MITC Document.

    • Incomplete forms will be considered as invalid.

    Step 3: Choose any one of the 2 payment options provided in the form:

    • Total Amount Due (TAD), as per your SBI Card statement
    • Minimum Amount Due (MAD), as per your SBI Card statement
    • Fixed amount facility cannot be availed with NACH mandate

    Step 4: Complete the form and send along with a cancelled cheque (optional) to us at the following address:

    SBI Cards and Payment Services Limited P.O. Bag No.28, GPO, New Delhi – 110001.

    Post receiving the form & validating it, your NACH account will be set up and your selected amount will be paid to SBI Card on your payment due date.

    Note: Softcopies are acceptable through registered email ID only

  • Q3. Does the Electronic Clearing System (ECS)/National Automated Clearing House (NACH) facility will be continue on new card?

  • No! The Electronic Clearing System (ECS)/National Automated Clearing House (NACH) facility on customer’s old card will be temporarily deactivated. To continue using this facility, we would request you to send a fresh NACH application form to SBI Card address.

    Note: In case of card up gradation ECS/NACH service will not be continue on customer new flipped card. Customer need to send fresh mandate form for NACH activation.

  • Q4. How long will it take for the amount to be credited to my SBI Card account?

  • Credit limit will release subject to realisation of funds

  • Q5. How do I register my e-NACH?

  • How to set up NACH digitally

    • Steps for Registration
    • Step 1 : Please click here for e-NACH enrolment form.
    • Step 2 : Post login go to ‘My Dashboard’ and under ‘Service’ section select ‘NACH’ tab
    • Step 3 : Select the payment debit type you wish to be auto-debited every month
      1. Total amount due (TAD) 
      2. Minimum amount due (MAD)
    • Step 4 : Click on ‘Proceed’ button, you will be redirected to the registration page.
    • Step 5 : Validate the pre-filled data and enter your bank details.
    • Step 6 : Complete the e-Mandate form and chose one of the following options for authentication - Net-banking/Debit card.
    • Step 7 : You will get Reference No. and mandate registration confirmation on screen, however NACH activation on your credit card will take 4 working days.
  • Q6. What is the TAT of e-NACH registration?

  • e-NACH registration is instant, but activation will take 04 working days

  • Q7. What is the limit to be set on e-NACH at the time of registration?

  • Limit is the maximum amount you wish to set on your bank account for SBI Card payment request. Your NACH payment will bounce if the payment request amount exceeded this amount while mandate registration.

    The Limit can be assigned maximum up to Rs. 10 Lakh.

  • Q8. Is there any Charges for the registration?

  • No, there are no charges for the e-NACH registration.

  • Q9. Any eligibility criteria to apply for the service?

  • There is no eligibility criteria, any customer can apply for e-NACH.

  • Q10. How to change the details on existing NACH mandate?

  • For any change in existing NACH mandate, you are required re-registration after deactivation of existing mandate. For deactivation kindly refer FAQ No. 12.

  • Q11. Can we Hold/Cancel e-NACH?

  • Yes, you can stop NACH service at any point of time by submitting the online request form for NACH Cancellation/Hold available on our website, in the post login section.

  • Q12. How I can Cancel /Hold NACH?

  • Steps for cancellation of NACH services.

    • Please click here for cancellation of NACH services.
    • Under ‘Service’ section, select NACH tab
    • Click on NACH Deactivation/Hold link
    • Please select the sub category:- NACH Cancellation or NACH Hold
      • If you select ‘NACH Cancellation’ then NACH facility on your credit card will be deactivated permanently
      • If you select ‘NACH Hold’ then NACH facility on your credit card will be on hold till further communication
    • After processing of your request, communication will be shared on your Register Mobile Number