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MasterCard Money Send

  • Q1.Can I pay my VISA or RuPay credit card bills using Master Card Money Send?

  • No, you cannot pay your VISA or RuPay credit card bills using MasterCard MoneySend.

  • Q2. How do I make payment using MasterCard MoneySend?

  • You can make your SBI Credit Card outstanding payment using third-party applications that supports MasterCard payment platform in 6 simple steps--

    • Step 1: Download the third-party payment app/use a platform that supports the MoneySend payment mode
    • Step 2: Link your SBI Credit Card to enable receiving the payment
    • Step 3:To make the card payment, select MasterCard MoneySend option on the third-party app.
    • Step 4: Mention the amount you wish to pay and authorize
    • Step 5: Once transaction is successfully processed; the amount will be debited from your account
    • Step 6: On completion of the transaction you will receive a confirmation SMS from SBI Card
  • Q3. Can I use a credit card to transfer funds through MasterCard Money Send?

  • You can only use bank accounts to transfer funds using MasterCard MoneySend.

  • Q4. What is the payment posting TAT via MasterCard MoneySend?

  • MasterCard MoneySend is an instant payment mode for customers.