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IVR One Time Password (OTP)

  • Q 1. What is an IVR transaction?

  • Interactive Voice Response i.e. IVR transactions are transactions that you carry out over the telephone where you provide your Credit Card number on an automated system to make a payment to a vendor for purchase of goods, services etc. e.g Account recharge on TATA SKY helpline.

  • Q 2. Is this new mandate applicable only for IVR transactions?

  • No. The mandate is applicable for both IVR transactions as well as transactions done using your mobile phone through applications like Ngpay or mChek e.g. buying movie tickets via ngpay. Hence, you will need to generate this IVR One Time password (OTP) even when you are shopping through your mobile.

  • Q 3. How do I get an OTP for any IVR or mobile transactions on my SBI Card?

  • You will need to generate the IVR One Time Password (OTP) every time you want to transact through an IVR or mobile. You can generate the IVR OTP by any of the following 3 ways-

    • SMS ‘OTP space XXXX’ to 5676791 from your registered mobile number. XXXX = Last 4 digits of your SBI Card
    • Log on to our website - using your user ID and password

    The IVR One Time Password (OTP) is a 6 digit numeric password that will be sent on your registered mobile number instantly. You can then use this OTP to make a payment over IVR or mobile using your SBI Card.

  • Q 4. How do I use an IVR One Time Password?

  • You would be required to enter your IVR One Time Password (OTP), in addition to your SBI Card no., CVV and expiry date, when prompted by the merchant IVR for IVR transactions and by the mobile application during transactions done through your mobile phone.

  • Q 5. For how long is an IVR OTP valid?

  • An OTP generated once is valid only for one successful transaction or 30 minutes, whichever is earlier. You will need to generate a new OTP for every new transaction.

  • Q 6. What happens if I input a wrong OTP?

  • You can make 3 attempts to successfully use any OTP generated on your SBI Card. In case of 3 unsuccessful attempts, you will have to regenerate a new OTP and restart the transaction.