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Card Protection Plan

  • Q1. What is CPP?

  • CPP is India’s first comprehensive card protection company, which covers the customer’s card in the event of card loss or stolen. CPP India is a subsidiary of CPP group headquartered in UK.

  • Q2. How can I contact CPP?

  • You can contact us by calling the following contact numbers:

    • 6000-4000 (prefix city STD code)
    • 1800 419 4000 (toll-free)
  • Q3. What do I do if my cards are lost or stolen?

  • Simply call 6000-4000 (prefix Local city STD code) and inform us about the cards that are missing. We will coordinate with banks and block all your missing cards.

  • Q4. Which lost or stolen cards will be blocked?

  • All your lost or stolen debit or credit or ATM cards of all banks or card issuers issued in India will be blocked.

  • Q5. What is the registration process?

  • After paying the fee, CPP will dispatch a welcome kit to you with your unique membership number on the same. There will also be a registration form that you need to fill and send back to CPP. Alternatively, you can call up CPP call centre to register your cards and documents.

  • Q6. Why should I get my Driving License & Passport Number registered?

  • In case you need your DL or Passport card number & you are not carrying them so just call us and we will provide you the required numbers.

  • Q7. Why do need to register all my financial cards?

  • In case you lose all your cards, it will be easier for you and us to get the cards blocked ASAP.

  • Q8. Does CPP cover my unregistered cards as well?

  • Yes, all registered and unregistered card under your name are covered under CPP membership.

  • Q9. Do I have to repay the emergency travel assistance?

  • Yes, within 28 days.

  • Q10. Do I have to pay any interest charges for advances in emergency travel assistance?

  • No, advances don’t attract any interest fee.

  • Q11. I have lost all my cash along with my cards, and I don't have any cash with me. Can I get help?

  • Yes, CPP can help you in this emergency. Just call us on our 24 X 7 helpline numbers 1800-419-4000 or 6000-4000 (affix STD code) and we will facilitate an emergency cash advance of up to ₹ 20,000.

  • Q12. How many cards can I register with CPP? How many cards can be blocked?

  • You can register all credit/debit cards with CPP that you hold. Also in event of loss, and should you want to block all of them, we will block all of them. There is no upper limit on card registration.

  • Q13. In how much time will my claim be processed once I sent the documents?

  • Within 15 working days Insurance Company will approve/reject the claim & within 7 days we will send you the cheque (in case the claim is approved).

  • Q14. What happens if I do not send the required documents within 74 days of reporting the fraud?

  • The claim will be cancelled.

  • Q15. What is the coverage scope of CPP membership – Is it only in India?

  • All your features of card protection (except emergency cash) are provided whether you are in India or abroad.

  • Q16. What do I do if I lose my PAN card along with my other cards?

  • In case your PAN card is lost along with your cards and cash, we will facilitate free replacement of your PAN Card. All you need to do is send your necessary documents to us to coordinate on your behalf. This service is provided free of cost to you.