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Address Change KYC

Address Change KYC

For any change in Current Residence Address on existing credit card account, cardholders are required to submit their KYC document(s) through DigiLocker.

Login to your SBI Card Online Account by visiting and follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1- Go to ‘Address’ tab and click on ‘Update’

Step 2- Click on ‘Verify now’ to digitally submit your KYC doc(s) through DigiLocker

Step 3- Follow the instructions displayed on the screen and confirm your Residence Address

Please Note: If you are not registered on DigiLocker, you can still verify using Aadhaar details.

Alternatively, you can submit your request through our Website ( or Mobile App. Simply login to your account, go to 'My Profile' section and upload the KYC doc(s) bearing your Current Residence Address.

You can submit any of the following Current Residential Address proof.

Passport (both sides)

Copy of masked Aadhaar/Virtual ID card (mask first 8-digits of Aadhaar Number)^

Voter's Identity Card (both sides)

Driving Licence* (both sides)

Job card issued by NREGA duly signed by an officer of the State Government.

Letter issued by the National Population Register containing details of name and address

Note: ^ For seamless processing please visit to download your e-Aadhaar having the mandatory secure QR code for validation. Note, the file should not be password protected. So, take a clear photo of the e-Aadhaar copy and upload the same.

In case the documents submitted by a foreign national does not contain the details of address, the documents issued by the Govt departments of foreign jurisdictions and letter issued by the Foreign Embassy or Mission in India shall be accepted as proof of address.

For NRI/PIO customers, as defined in Foreign Exchange Management (Deposit) Regulations, 2016 alternatively, the original certified copy, certified by any one of the following, may be obtained:

• authorized officials of overseas branches of Scheduled Commercial Banks registered in India
• branches of overseas banks with whom Indian banks have relationships,
• Notary Public abroad,
• Court Magistrate,
• Judge,
• Indian Embassy/Consulate General in the country where the non-resident customer resides.

*For Driving Licences issued in states where it is specifically mentioned that the document cannot be used as address proof the same will not be acceptable as an address proof KYC document.

Important points to remember:

• Documents should be valid on current date
• Name mentioned on documents should match the name updated in SBI card
• Please mention your registered e-mail id / registered mobile number either in the e-mail body or on the KYC documents

In case your current address is not updated in any of your official documents to be submitted as proof, you can get the same updated using any one of the following options:

UID/Aadhaar: Visits to check the required documents and get your address updated online in UID.
•Voter ID: Register on and select option ‘migration to other place.
•Passport: Visit your nearest Passport Seva Kendra.
•Driving License: Visit your respective RTO office.

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