Environment is one of the focused thematic areas chosen by the company for implementing CSR projects. Under the theme, the Company has been directing its resources on solid waste management, improving air quality, tree plantation, renewable energy and watershed management.


With an aim to improve quality of education in government schools, SBI Card has taken up projects to enhance digital infrastructure and set-up tinkering labs. It is hoped that the projects will not only expose students to new era technology but will also equip the schools to conduct classes in hybrid model. The projects involve supporting teachers at the government schools to integrate new technology and new methods in pedagogy.


During COVID-19, weakness of our health infrastructure was exposed like never before. This was starker in public health facilities which are accessed by majority of Indian population putting extreme pressure on already stretched system resulting into lack of access to timely, quality and affordable health services. With the intention to improve the situation, SBI Card together with its implementing agencies has invested in health infrastructure in government and charitable hospitals with an aim to strengthen these facility which are accessed by underprivileged communities. Further, the company has piloted and scaled up telemedicine services in the remote Mewat region with an aim to provide quality affordable health services at door-step and there by helping in reducing pressure on Community Health Centers, Primary Health Centers and District Hospitals.

Skills Development

India has one of the youngest population in the world. The need is to capitalize on the demography dividend of the country. However, employability of our youth remains a challenge due to lack of proper training. The situation is more challenging for people with disability and women. Hence, SBI Card has undertaken skill program for people with disability and young women.

Disaster Management

COVID-19 pandemic impacted every aspect of our modern life resulting into unprecedented loss of life and economic meltdown. With an aim to help the most marginalized sections of the society, the Company has taken up various relief and response projects.