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on shopping online with your SBI Credit Card at leading domestic e-commerce shopping sites, across categories like mobiles, appliances, laptops, home décor, fashion, accessories, and more.
Max ₹1750 cashback per card account on min trxn of ₹7500
Extra ₹5750 Cashback per card account on Total Spends of ₹75,000 and above
Offer details:
  1. 10% Cashback upto ₹7,500 per card account
  2. Valid only on domestic ecommerce transactions at select/leading online shopping merchants
  3. All unblocked SBI/Tata Credit Cardholders are covered under this Offer. Offer not valid on Corporate & Paytm Credit Cards.
  4. Base Offer:
    1. Min Transaction: Rs 7500 (Min. swipe amount on SBI/Tata Credit Card)
    2. Maximum Cashback: ₹1,750 per card account
  5. Bonus Offer:
    1. Extra ₹5,750 per card account on cumulative Spends of ₹75,000 and above during program term
    2. For cumulative/total spends calculation, each individual transaction should be ₹7,500 and above
  6. Max Cashback per card account (Base + Bonus offer): Rs 7,500
  7. Offer also applicable on online EMI transactions opted for at the time of transaction. 14% or 15% rate of Interest will be applicable on monthly reducing balance basis tenure selected. Please check EMI applicability on the product page of the merchant website / app.
  8. Cashback for eligible transactions would be posted on 11th January 2022.

    Sample Illustration of transactions done between 07-08 Oct’21:
    Transaction No. Transaction Amount (₹) Cashback (Base Offer-A) (₹) Transaction Considered for Bonus Offer Cashback (Bonus Offer-B) (₹) Total Cashback (A+B) (₹)
    1 7,500 750 Yes
    2 10,000 1,000 Yes
    3 2,500 0 No
    4 60,000 0 Yes
    Total 80,000 1,750 5,750 7,500
    Transaction No. 1 2 3 4 Total
    Transaction Amount (₹) 7500 10,000 2,500 60,000 80,000
    Cashback (Base Offer-A) (₹) 750 1,000 0 0 1,750
    Transaction Considered for Bonus Offer Yes Yes No Yes
    Cashback (Bonus Offer-B) (₹) 5,750
    Total Cashback (A+B) (₹) 7,500
    In above illustration, cumulative spends eligible for Bonus offer is Rs 80,000 – Rs 2,500 = Rs 77,500
  9. Eligible transactions will be considered basis combination of Merchant Category Code (MCC) as defined by Card Networks and merchant name appearing in settlement files (collectively defined as “select/leading online merchants”)
  10. Offer not valid on domestic e-commerce transactions done at Insurance, Travel, Jewellery, Health and Wellness, Education and Utility merchant categories like electricity, water bill payments. Offer also not valid on Online rental payments, Advt. subscriptions/payments, Online gaming, cryptocurrency purchases. These exclusions are indicative and not the complete exclusions.
  11. Offer not valid on wallet loading transactions (MCCs 6540, 6541 and any other new MCC introduced by Networks in course of time).

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