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Offer Validity

10th April – 9th May 2020

  • Flat Rs. 20 cashback on DTH Recharges
  • Minimum Transaction Amount: Rs. 400
  • Maximum cashback: Rs. 20 per card account
  • Applicable on Non-SI transactions done through SBI Card Mobile App and Website only
Steps to avail this offer

Visit SBI Card Mobile App. Login ->Click on ‘E-store’-> Click on ‘Bill Pay & Recharge’ -> Read disclaimer and click on ‘Proceed’-> Select ‘DTH’ category -> Enter details and recharge


Visit SBI Card website. Login->Select ‘Utility Bill Payment’-> Click on ‘Pay Now’ -> Read disclaimer and click on ‘Proceed’-> Select ‘DTH’ category -> Enter details and recharge

Eligible Cards

All SBI Credit Cards excluding Corporate Cards

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  • This marketing program (“Program”) is from SBI Card & Payment Services Ltd. (“SBICPSL”) and is open to all residents of India holding a valid and current SBI Credit Card (“Cardholder”) and to whom a communication is sent by SBICPSL.
  • The Validity of the Program (“Term”) is: 10th April – 9th May’2020 (both days included), unless extended by SBICPSL.
  • Under this Program, a Cardholder can avail:
    • Flat Rs. 20 cashback on DTH recharges
    • Minimum Transaction Amount: Rs. 400
    • Maximum cashback per card account: Rs. 20 per card account
    • Offer is applicable on Non-SI transactions only
    • Offer applicable on DTH recharges done through post login section of SBI Card Website/Mobile App
    • Offer applicable on the following billers only: Airtel DTH Recharge, Dish TV, Sun direct TV, Tata Sky and Videocon D2H
  • This Programme is not applicable on SBI Corporate Card
  • Cash back to be credited to the card account on 9th July’2020.
  • Any query regarding the cash back will be entertained till 9th August 2020. Post such date; SBICPSL will not entertain any correspondence or communication regarding this Programme from any cardholder.
  • Process to access:
    • Path to access Bill payments/Recharges in Website post login: Login ->Click on ‘Utility Bill Payment’-> Click on ‘Pay Now’ -> Read disclaimer and click on ‘Proceed’ -> Select ‘DTH’ category -> Enter details and recharge
    • Path to access Bill payments/Recharges in Mobile App post login: Login ->Click on ‘E-store’-> Click on ‘Bill Pay & Recharge’ -> Read disclaimer and click on ‘Proceed’ -> Select ‘DTH’ category -> Enter details and recharge
  • The term "Utility Company" or "Biller" shall mean a company, organisation or entity that sends a Bill, statement or invoice, usually a request for payment for a product or service to the customer.
  • EasyBillPay service is available for select billers in select cities.
  • SBI Card is not responsible or liable for any service and/ or billing deficiencies/ or inadequacies of utility companies.
  • Payment to the registered biller will be made only when we receive the bill from the Biller. In case of failure in receiving the Bill from Biller, SBI Card won't be liable for non-payment.
  • Cardholder to continue making bill payments towards the bill outstanding until he/she receive an AutoPay activation confirmation through e-mail/SMS/ letter.
  • The cardholder shall take precaution to ensure that no double payment is made from his end for the same bill.
  • The cardholder should ensure that he/she receives a confirmation for the payment made by him/her through this facility. Any non-confirmation of the transaction, SBI Card shall not be responsible and liable and accordingly no payments shall be made to the utility company.
  • Notwithstanding any other terms, it is stipulated that processing of all the payments is subject to the availability of free, clear and available limits in the cardholder's SBI Credit Card Account at the time of processing the transaction. In the event of credit limits not being available, cardholder will receive a payment failed report.
  • In all situations where the cardholder’s services are discontinued/disrupted due to any acts of the utility company, governmental orders and any other related matter, SBI Card shall not be responsible and/or liable for the same and the cardholder shall be solely responsible and liable to settle such matters with its utility company and/or statutory authority.
  • The cardholder indemnifies SBI Card from and against all actions, suits, claims, liabilities and proceedings due to or arising out of any or all disputes between the cardholder and utility companies or because of SBI Card acting in good faith and belief.
  • SBI Card will endeavour to effect payments/carry-out instructions received by it within bill due date. However, SBI Card does not warrant that payment/fulfilment of instructions will not be delayed for reasons beyond its control including any default on the part of the service provider. As the instructions would depend on various electronic technology used from time to time, there could be delays in receipt of any instructions by SBI Card from the cardholder and by the provider of utilities/services. For all such delays, the service provider of such services shall be responsible and liable being the owner and administrator of these services.
  • This service is available only for individual cardholders and not corporate cardholders.
  • It is clarified here that a cardholder statement is adequate and conclusive proof that such payment was made to the utility company.
  • SBI Card is not in any manner party to the contracts that may be executed between the cardholder and the providers of such utilities/services. The providers of utilities/services shall be solely responsible to the cardholder to render the utilities/services for which payment is to be made by SBI Card and SBI Card shall not be responsible/liable for any deficiency in the same including, but not limited to, deficient quality, delivery, quantity etc., and shall not be made party to any disputes between the cardholder and any providers of utilities/services.
  • The cardholder shall not hold SBI Card liable for any non-service, delayed service or faulty service rendered by the provider of utilities/services and shall not contact or communicate in any manner whatsoever, inter alia, by electronic mail, phone, post, SMS or personal meeting with SBI Card in this regard.
  • SBI Card will not accept any cancellation request by the cardholder if the payment transaction has been authorised on his card account and payment has been accepted by the biller. Any disputes will have to be settled by the cardholder directly with the biller.
  • Nothing contained herein shall prejudice or affect the Card terms and conditions. The terms of these services shall be in addition to and not in derogation of the terms contained in the Card terms & conditions booklet.
  • Nothing contained in the said services shall be construed as binding obligation on SBI Card or any participating utility company to continue the services after the services are terminated.
  • SBI Card reserves the right to charge and recover from the Cardholder, fees for availing the service, which may be altered with prior intimation to the cardholder.
  • SBI Card shall have the right to revoke and/or discontinue this service to certain cardholders if it has reason and/or reasonable apprehension to believe that such continuing of this service shall gravely prejudice the commercial situation of SBI Card. Such a determination by SBI Card shall be at its sole and absolute discretion with reference to its cardholders.
  • All disputes and differences arising out and in connection with this service shall be subject to arbitration under The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 with any amendments thereof. The arbitration shall be conducted by a sole arbitrator appointed by SBICPSL. The place of arbitration shall be New Delhi and language of arbitration shall be English. The award passed by the arbitrator shall be final and binding on parties. Existence of a dispute/difference shall not constitute a claim against SBICPSL. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the courts in New Delhi shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to decide any matters related and connected to the instant terms.
  • The said services will be effective subject to SBI Credit Card being valid and in good standing.
  • SBI Card may at its sole discretion accept or decline the said services by the utility company.
  • SBI Card may from time to time change the utility companies for which the said services are extended.
  • The record of charges in respect of the said services received or availed by cardholder and submitted by utility companies to cardholder’s card account will neither bear my signature nor the imprint of my card. Cardholders therefore undertake to unconditionally honor and pay without demur, protest and contest all the said charges including interim charges booked by cardholder under the said services, as and when cardholder is billed for the same by SBI Card during the validity period of his card and subsequent renewals thereof.
  • SBI Card reserves the right to approve/reject the registration forms without assigning any reason whatsoever.
  • SBI Card reserves the right to revoke/stop this facility if the credit behaviour on the card is unsatisfactory.
  • This facility is available only for utility bills pertaining to residential uses. No commercial utility bills will be paid under this scheme.
  • No receipt will be given for bills paid through this facility. A cardholder statement is adequate proof that such payment was paid to the utility company.
  • SBI Card neither endorses the utilities/services offered, nor is it in any manner party to the contracts that may be executed between the cardholder and the providers of such utilities/services.
  • I confirm that the utility bills enclosed are photocopies of the original bills and that these utilities are used only for residential purpose. I understand that SBI Card is not responsible or liable for any service and/or billing deficiencies or inadequacies of utility companies as the case may be. Furthermore, I affirm that I am liable to honour all my credit card commitments irrespective of any grievances/complaints I may have with utility companies. I will continue making payments towards the utility bill outstanding until I receive an SMS/e-mail/letter confirmation from SBI Card indicating that my EasyBillPay facility has been activated along with effective date of activation. I agree to communicate termination of the facility to SBI Card in writing, failing which the payment made to the utility company will be construed as valid and binding on me. I agree to resolve disputes (if any) of whatsoever nature directly with the utility company and will not hold SBI Card liable for any deficiency of services provided by the utility company.
  • It will be the responsibility of the cardholder to inform SBI Card in writing of any change or withdrawal of the EasyBillPay facility thus availed.
  • Any disputes arising out of disconnection of the utility facility, penalty from government and late charges on instalment dues arising due to change/revocation of the facility will be the sole responsibility of the cardholder and the cardholder will not hold SBI Card responsible/liable for the same.
  • If SBI Card suspects misuse of any product proposition by a cardholder, SBI Card reserves the right to use its discretion to decide whether cashback will be provided for such cardholders. Additionally, SBI Card may also decide to reverse the reward points credited for such transactions.
  • Delinquent and over-limit SBI/Tata credit card members will not qualify for this Offer.
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