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Individual Personal Accident Insurance Policy

  • Q1. What is Individual Personal Accident Insurance?

  • This Policy is designed to cover Loss of Life, Disabilities, and Income due to an Accident. Accidental Death cover is a compulsory cover; Permanent Total Disablement, Permanent Partial Disablement and Temporary Total Disablement are Optional covers available to the proposer.

  • Q2. What is the age limit for taking this policy?

  • The minimum age for taking this policy is 18 years and maximum is 65 years. There is Lifelong Renewability under the Policy in the absence of a claim.

  • Q3. If I suffer from an accident and get hospitalised, will I get medical expenses benefit?

  • You can opt for Hospital Confinement allowance under the policy that pays for per day of accidental hospitalisation for maximum up to 15 days in a policy period. You can opt for a per day allowance of ₹1000/ ₹ 2000/ ₹3000 under this benefit.

  • Q4. If any person dies of Heart Attack, will his family get a claim?

  • This policy covers only Accidental Death and hence death due to any other reason other than accident will not be covered under this policy

  • Q5. Who can buy this policy?

  • Anyone in the age group of 18- 65 years can buy this policy.

  • Q6. What is the exit age for this policy?

  • There is No maximum exit age for this policy.

  • Q7. What is the waiting period under this policy?

  • There is a no waiting period under this policy.

  • Q8. Do we cover accidents that occur outside of India?

  • This Policy applies to accidental events occurring anywhere in the world.

  • Q9. Which other add on covers are available in this policy?

  • Hospital Confinement allowance and Ambulance expenses (including air ambulance) are available as add on covers under this policy

  • Q10. Is there any restriction on Sum Insured?

  • Sum Insured for Accidental Death Benefit/ Permanent Total Disability is limited to 120 times Monthly Gross income or 10 times the annual gross earnings from gainful employment/occupation. Maximum SI is ₹ 1,00,00,000/-. Minimum Sum Insured is ₹ 1,00,000/-.  

    Sum Insured for Dependent Children, dependant parents, parents in law and non working spouse is limited to 20 % of SI of the primary Insured or ₹10, 00,000/- whichever is less.

  • Q11. Do I need to give income proof?

  • Proof of income is required only in case of Accidental Death sum insured exceeding ₹25, 00,000/-.

    For Accidental Death Sum Insured of above ₹ 25 Lakhs , copy of self signed  latest income proof ( Latest 3 salary slips/Form 16 / IT return ) to be provided along with the completed Proposal Form.

  • Q12. What documents are required to make a claim?

  • The documents required for processing an Accidental Death claim are as follows:

    • Claim form duly filled & signed
    • Policy Copy
    • Death certificate - Notarized/ Attested by a gazetted officer, if applicable
    • I.R - Notarized/ Attested by a gazetted officer
    • Police Final charge sheet/ Court Final order - Notarized/ attested by a Gazetted Officer - if applicable - notarized/ Attested by a gazetted officer
    • Spot and/or Inquest Panchnama - Notarized/ Attested by a gazetted officer
    • Post Mortem Report - Notarized/ Attested by a gazetted officer, if applicable
    • Viscera Analysis Report/ Chemical analysis report/ Forensic Science Lab report notarized/ Attested by gazetted officer, if applicable
    • Other Document as per Case details - Copy of Treatment papers; if hospitalized, Website Links/ Newspaper cuttings, Other references
    • If claim amount is more than 1lakh, AML Documents - Pan Card Copy, Residence Proof,2 Passport size colour photos of claimant
    • Cancel Cheque with NEFT Mandate form - duly filled in by the claimant and bank
    • Any other document as required by the Company or Company's TPA to investigate the Claim or Our obligation to make payment for
  • Q13. Can I get Tax Benefit for this policy?

  • Tax Benefit is not applicable to Personal Accident Policies.

  • Q14. Do I need to undergo pre- policy medical tests?

  • There is no pre- policy requirement in this policy. However any Pre- existing disabilities have to be declared on the Proposal Form and the case may be underwritten based on the level of disability.

  • Q15. Are there any long tenure plan options available under this Policy?

  • SBI General’s Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy is available for a one year period only.

  • Q16. If I don’t claim in a policy period, can I get a refund of my money?

  • Even if you do not claim in policy period, you will not get any refund of premium.

  • Q17. Are there any deductibles in this policy?

  • There are no deductibles under the policy except if you have opted for Temporary Total Disablement, where in there is a deductible of first week of claimed period.

  • Q18. Does this policy have any continuity benefit?

  • Yes, if no claim has been made under the policy with us and the policy is renewed with us without any break, we will allow a cumulative bonus to the renewal policy by increasing the Sum Insured by 5%. The maximum cumulative bonus shall not exceed 50% of the Sum Insured in any policy year. In case of a claim, the Cumulative Bonus if any under the policy will get reduced by 5% at the time of renewal.  This   cumulative bonus is applicable only to Accidental Death, Permanent Partial Disability and Permanent Total disability benefits.