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Balance Outstanding/Amount due

  • Q1. What is my credit card outstanding balance?

  • Your credit card outstanding balance is an aggregate of unpaid charges billed to your SBI Card account during a particular month. It includes:-

    • Purchases
    • Purchase Returns
    • Payments
    • Insurance Premiums
    • EMIs
    • Fees & interest
    • Other charges,  click here for  more details

    The outstanding amount for a particular month along with the payment due date is communicated to through monthly statements and SMS alerts.

  • Q2. How can I check my Credit Card Outstanding and Available Credit Limit?

    • WEBSITE: Login to your SBI Card account through and check the ‘Current Outstanding’ in Account Summary section.
    • APP: Log into the SBI Card Mobile App and check the ‘Total Outstanding’ under the Summary Tab. Click Here to downoad.
    • SMS: SMS BAL where XXXX = Last 4 digits of your SBI Card or TATA Card number to 5676791 from your registered mobile number
    • EMAIL: Write to us at
    • CALL US: Call us on our helpline number to check the details.
  • Q3. What is Total Amount Due and how it is calculated?

  • Total Amount Due is the amount due for payment as on the statement date. It includes your opening balance, new purchases, fees & finance charges if any, minus your last payment or any other due credits.

    Click here to know schedule of charges

  • Q4. What is Minimum Amount Due and how is it calculated?

  • The 'Minimum Amount Due' is the minimum amount you are required to pay, on or before the payment due date, to maintain your card account in good standing. By calculating a minimum amount, the bank ensures that you are able to repay a portion of the principal outstanding every month.

    The Minimum Amount Due is calculated as 5% of your balance outstanding or the sum of all installments, Interest/other bank charges, the amount utilized over the credit limit, if any and 1% of remaining balance outstanding, whichever is higher. Any unpaid Minimum Amount Due from previous statements will also be added to your current Minimum Amount Due to arrive at the Total Minimum Amount Due.

    The minimum amount due for a particular month is communicated to you through monthly statements and SMS alerts.

    Click here for more details

  • Q5. What happens if I do not pay any amount due before the due date?

  • Not making the payment to your card account on or before the due date leads to:-

    • Levy of additional late payment fees, interest and other charges.
    • A possible suspension of your card.
    • Negative effects on your future financial credentials and a negative score at CIBIL.

    Please refer the Most Important Terms & Conditions to know the fees & charges.

  • Q6. What happens if I pay only the Minimum Amount Due?

  • Paying only the Minimum Amount Due every month would result in the repayment stretching over years with consequent interest payment on your outstanding balance. To view the interest, fees & charges, visit the “Most Important Terms & Conditions” according to your card type-

    For Personal Cards, click here

    For Corporate Card, click here

  • Q7. How can I find out the Total Amount Due, Minimum Amount Due and Payment Due Date?

  • Website: Login to your SBI Card account and check the details in the ‘My Card’ section.
    Mobile App: Login to the SBI Card Mobile App and check the details in the ‘Last Billed Summary’ section.