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SBI General Arogya Premier Policy

  • Q1. What are the benefits of the Health insurance portability for policy holders?

  • Health Insurance portability will allow the policy Holder protection against discontinuity and loss of coverage against pre-existing diseases consequent to his/ her decision to shift to another insurer at the time of renewal.

  • Q2. Is portability allowed under this policy?

  • Yes, you can port your existing Health indemnity policy into this policy

  • Q3. Does this policy cover treatment by Ayurvedic method?

  • Alternative Treatment, like Ayurvedic, Homeopathy or Unani, taken in a government hospital or in any institute recognized by government and/or accredited by Quality Council of India/ National Accreditation Board on Health) is covered under the policy up to Sum Insured.

  • Q4. Is the claim payable in the grace period if the premium is still to be paid?

  • The claim in the grace period is not payable unless the premium has been paid for renewal of the policy. In case of non-payment of renewal policy, it will be considered as a break in policy.

  • Q5. Is there any grace period for renewal of the policy?

  • Yes, there is a grace period of 30 days for renewal of the policy

  • Q6. Are Pre and Post hospitalisation expenses covered under the policy?

  • The policy covers 60 days pre - hospitalisation and 90 days post- hospitalisation expenses

  • Q7. What are the tax benefits that can be availed on this plan?

  • Deduction u/s 80 D of income tax act is available from taxable income for premium paid towards health insurance
    For self, spouse and dependent children - Maximum INR 25000/-
    For Parent(s)- Maximum INR 25,000/-
    In case Parents are resident senior citizens- Maximum INR 30,000/-

  • Q8. Is there any loading for smoking, alcohol and tobacco habits?

  • Yes, there is a loading of 5% in premium for each of the habits

  • Q9. Is there any deductible or co-pay under the policy?

  • No, there is no deductible or Co-pay under this policy

  • Q10. Is there a free look period in the policy?

  • Yes, there is a free look period of 15 days from the receipt of the policy

  • Q11. Is there any discount for long term policy?

  • Yes, there is a discount of 5% for 2 year term and 7.5% for three year term policies

  • Q12. Is the policy available for long term?

  • Yes, the policy is available for upto 3 years

  • Q13. Are ambulance charges payable under the policy?

  • Yes, the ambulance charges including Air Ambulance charges upto Rs 1,00,000/- for the policy period are payable.

  • Q14. Is there any day care procedure covered under the policy?

  • Yes, 142 day care procedures are covered under the policy

  • Q15. Is there any cumulative bonus applicable under the policy?

  • Yes, cumulative bonus of 10% for each claim free year is available and you can accumulate upto a maximum of 50% under each policy.

  • Q16. What are the Sum Insured options under the policy?

  • Sum Insured options of INR 10,00,000 to INR 30,00,000 are available

  • Q17. Is there any pre-medical check up required?

  • Pre-acceptance health check is not mandatory for people who are less than 55 years old and without any history of illness. Insured’s with following condition, acceptance of proposal is subject to a satisfactory medical examination as per SBI General’s requirements:
    Insured with adverse medical history as declared in Proposal Form or,
    Insured aged above 55 years & irrespective of Sum Insured.
    The cost of Pre-acceptance medical tests has to be borne by the proposer. However, if the proposal is accepted, there will be a reimbursement of 50% of the cost incurred towards the medical tests so undertaken at our advice.

  • Q18. Is re-instatement of Sum Insured allowed under the policy?

  • Yes, the Sum Insured is automatically reinstated to 100% of the original Sum Insured under the policy on payment of claim.

  • Q19. Is Maternity hospitalisation covered under the policy?

  • Yes, Maternity hospitalisation expenses are payable under the policy with a waiting period of 9 months.

  • Q20. Who can be covered under the policy?

  • Anyone of age between 3 months and 65 years can be covered under the policy.